Friday, April 22, 2011

Four Years!

Four years. It was four years ago today that I dipped my big toe into the Blogosphere. Who knew I could blather on about crookedness and vegetables for four whole years?!

As a little something-something to thank my three (maybe four) readers for sticking with me, I have my latest duplicate purchase:

This handsome set of two embossing folders can be yours! All you need to do is leave a comment and answer one of these questions:

1. What is my favorite thing to put on a card?
2. What do I do every Saturday in the Summer months?
3. What's my favorite kind of card to make?
4. What is my favorite color?
5. What is my favorite snack?
6. What is your name?

Just leave me a comment by Sunday noon (East Coast US time) with the answer to one of these questions, and I'll pick a random name from all the responses. I reserve the right to use something fair like, or to instead use a highly unscientific and unfair process, as yet to be determined.

Answering more than one question may or may not entitle you to extra chances to win. That would be part of the "unfair process" decision.

So enter now, and enter often! Thanks for reading!


  1. Every Saturday in the summer you do the Market! But you don't have to enter me in the contest - I wouldn't have the faintest idea what to do with embossing folders. :)

  2. I'm usually a lurker but I'm coming out of the shadows. :)

    1 - ribbon
    2 - Market (wish we had one of those here!)
    3 - snarky, sarcastic, irreverent
    4 - not pink
    5 - ?
    6 - Jody

  3. 1- ribbon!
    2- market
    3- irreverant
    4- blue? not purple i seem to remember
    5- noclue
    6- chelle

    happy 4th!!!

  4. 1. What is my favorite thing to put on a card? RIBBON
    2. What do I do every Saturday in the Summer months? FARMER'S MARRRRRKET
    3. What's my favorite kind of card to make? A FLAT ONE? lol
    4. What is my favorite color? I LIKE "NOT PINK" THAT WAS A GOOD ONE, I'M GOING TO GO WITH BLUE GREEN
    5. What is my favorite snack? BACON!
    6. What is your name? MARY DAWN

    love you <3

  5. 1. Ribbon
    2. Market
    3. Birthday cards for the 100th birthday!
    4. Green
    5. Jicama slices with sour cream.
    6. MaryBeth

    Don't need the embossing folder, just wanted to play! :-)

  6. Four years?? Where does the time go? No need to enter me, either, I have more of these things than I can use if I live to be 100. Here's to another 4 years!

  7. Happy blogoversary! I live thru your Farmers Market posts during that season.. I am stuck in Winnipeg where we dont have such yummyness!

    Fave thing to put on a card... ribbon?
    Saturday- farmers market
    Kind of card- humorous
    Color- hmm. green maybe because your blog is green?
    Snack- hmm. something you bake?

    Too fun.

  8. Not playing...
    but I wanted to wish you a happy blahg-on-versary!
    4 years?!?!?!

    oh and your favorite color is green
    your favorite snack is those jalopeeno poppers - misssplelled of course
    The other answers are market.irreverant.ribbon.not in that order and your name is Leslie. want MY name.
    my name is

  9. 1. Ribbon
    2. farmers market - selling cards
    3. irreverent
    4. ?? but not pink
    5. ?? mine is crunchy cheetos (not the soft ones)
    6. Susan

    fair or unfair - it all works :)

  10. I'm usually a lurker, however I DO comment once in a while!
    My name is Gail!
    Happy Blogaversary!

  11. Congrats on four years!
    1. Fave thing-ribbon
    2. Summer Saturdays-sit outside
    3. Fave card-birthday
    4. Fave color-burgandy
    5. Fave snack-Suzy-Q's
    6. Name-Judy

    Thanks for the chance. This was fun!

  12. 1. glitter or sparkles
    2. clean house
    3. birthday
    4. green
    5. ice cream
    6. Linda

  13. Maybe 4 comin' outa the duvet to say Hi! and well done on 4 years of the best blog in the universe. Keeps me sane and laughing!
    I wont' be greedy and answer them all ;-) no offence intended girls.
    2. Go to sell your cards at the lovely market and check on Farmer Mike's (is that his name?)rude veg.and take pics of doggies... I envy you your market.
    Oh, and I'm Jen to family, Jenny to friends and Jennifer to anyone who is in a nark with me.
    Thanks for your snarky humour, I have a new lease of life in my cards.
    I look forward to many, many more years of fun.

  14. Congrats on your four years. When do you go back to market? I enjoyed seeing your days there and all the dogs. My hubby goes to market every Saturday and brings me back roses. I know your weakness is ribbon. My name is Lynne. Happy Easter !! Hugs h' Stuff, Lynne

  15. 1. Ribbon
    2. Market
    3. Irreverent
    4. Green!! (mine, too)
    5. Poppers...yum!
    6. Lisa

    I love these folders, but you don't have to give them to me. I just adore you. You know that. xoxo Happy Blogaversary!

  16. On Sat you are oogling all the veggies, dogs and whatever else strikes your fancy at the farmers' market.

    Name? Wanda

  17. 1. My creative expression + GLITTER
    2. Bike
    3. Just for fun cards
    4.Green `olive that is!
    5. Chocolate (but trying to make broccoli my favorite. thinking about choc covered broc?)
    6. Sara Mae Theresa Beauchane Stack aka: ACKSTAY

  18. OH I thought I was reading the questions for me to answer! I am such a dim wit sometimes!

    1. Ribbon
    2. Market... so fun!
    3. goofy/sarcasm
    4. Green like me
    5. BACON!
    6. Sara Mae Theresa Beauchane Stack AKA ackstay:-)

  19. Congratulations!!! I wonder how long it's been since my first post on my first blog??

    1. What is my favorite thing to put on a card? RIBBON
    2. What do I do eveTHE ry Saturday in the Summer months? MARKET and taking puppy pictures
    3. What's my favorite kind of card to make? Hysterical ones
    4. What is my favorite color? hmm..I am going to say BLUE
    5. What is my favorite snack? Jalepeno Poppers
    6. What is your name? Leslie..OH! my name??? Sue but you know that already!!! Silly girl

  20. 1. RIBBON
    2. Farmer's market
    3. snarky/irreverent
    4. anything but pink
    5. Keurig coffees & buckeyes
    6. June

  21. 1. formerly ribbon, now socks (!!!)
    2. harrass farmer mike
    3. funny and/or jingle belles :)
    4. PINK!!!!!!!! (ok, kidding, but you did make an AWESOME ONE!!!)
    5. the sandwiches with fries on them from the place in pittsburgh that neither of us remember the name
    6. lauren

    ps: i am all for the unfair but original method of picking especially if it involves the ppl who answered all the q's a bit sarcastically having an edge!!! :)


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