Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hambo Hoedown #11 - Feeling Distressed

Moi? Distressed? Nope, but that is this week's theme for the Hambo Hoedown challenge. (See, I read the directions this week before I started stamping! Yay, me!) *ahem*

Moving right along, here is the image we were given to use (free if you played the previous week):
... and since there were two sentiments, I made two cards. Here's the first one:

Oh, dear card, how did I distress thee? Let me count the ways... I inked up the edge of the die-cut shape around the ogre; I distressed the edges of both the DSP (Basic Grey basics kraft) and the Old Olive layer; both the Basic Grey basic kraft and the Basic Grey eerie papers are ... distressed; I distressed the ends of the ribbon; I distressed the top of the DSP by tearing it. (Psst: It was already distressed with the edging tool, but I'd cut it too long - yes, I measured, leave me alone - so instead of cutting it and re-distressing it, I tore it. It totally counts.)

I printed the ogres thrice - once on Kraft*, once on a remnant of patterned paper, and once on Old Olive - with the intent on paper piecing the clothing, which I did. I became ... wait for it ... distressed when I realized how fussy that endeavor would be.

Yeah, I didn't go over his skin to make it stand out from the Kraft background, but I did do something else. Can you tell what it was? ... ... ... Timbo missed an opportunity with this image. He gave the little guy arm hair, but no chest hair or toe hair. I fixed it, though.

Oh, carp, I totally forgot to go over his suspenders with my Old Olive marker. Please pretend that they are green.

Here is the second card - different clothes (with suspenders) and the other sentiment:

So there you have it - two distressed ogre cards, and one distressed stamper.

In other news, I got a new car today! I love CarMax. They gave me a good price for my old car, and I found another Forester on the lot, and it only has 10,000+ miles on it. Sweet. I love it already. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

* I got the idea for printing on Kraft from Carla. :) Thanks!


  1. I can't get 'ogre' how great those cards are!
    Glad you found another car!
    Should last you another 10 years hey!?

  2. Too cute.. I was like wow, we had similar ideas until I read the bottom.. and I actually had that same basic grey kraft dsp out as a possibility for the card too!

  3. new car's always fun. Hope there's room for all your exhibition stuff... And a good CD player!

  4. Can we see your new ride???

    Cutest ogre card ever...okay, so it it the *ONLY* ogre card I have ever seen, but it's still totally clever and cute!

  5. Love your two versions!! Thanks for playing in the Hoedown this week. Great colors!~

  6. Very very cute! You are so talented!

  7. Great distressing! I love the frayed ribbon! Thanks for joining us at Hambo Hoedown!


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