Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Paper Smooches Inspiration

In my blurfing this week I ran across this photo on the Moxie Fab blog:

and I immediately thought of another idea for the current Paper Smooches SPARKS challenge image:

... so I made this:

I wanted to make baby blankets hanging from a clothes line. Now let me explain a few things... Yes, we had clothes lines when I was a kid - in the back yard, the kind that were square, with many rows of "line", and it had a central metal post. We used to hang out sheets and towels, and to save space (and clothespins) (and our arms), we used to double up the corner of one towel with the next one so they shared a single clothes pin. See what you young whipper-snappers are missing? OMG, there was nothing better than getting into bed with sheets dried in the breeze. Okay, maybe they weren't as soft as the ones that came out of the dryer, but they sure smelled nice. :)

But I digress.

I used stamps from the Paper Smooches Hang Ups set for the poles and the birds. The papers are from the Basic Grey euphoria 6x6 pack (I was going for the pink & green thing again). The grass was cut with the MFT grass die. The felt was cut with Wonky Squares Nestabilities. The clouds were cut out of an embossed remnant with A Muse | Studio dies. Lastly, I thought I had smaller clothes pins, but alas, they are well-hidden in The Captain's Quarters, so these are way out of scale. ;/ However, this is ART, and I think I can get away with it. :)

Okay, okay, one more. Because that one was so busy, I went with "not busy" and wrestled with my fear of white space to make this:

The sentiment is from Pretty Phrases, and I used some Washi tape I bought in BRIGHT colors and rarely use. It's simple, and it's green and pink. I called it done.

So as much as I intensely dislike (gah!) pink I've sure used a lot of it lately. Maybe I'm over that. Or not.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. "Blurfing!" I had to look it up! :)

    I like the baby blanket card. Very cute. I really like your last ufo card, too. I really like the colors.

    I really need to quit my job and get back to drawing and card stuff...


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