Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bloody Sunshine

Last week I entered a card in a blog challenge with the hope of winning some Bugaboo digital images. As we all know, I have NO room in here for more stuff, but digital images don't take up much room, and Bugaboo images are snarky. What more could an irreverent-centric stamper want? Sadly, I didn't win, but while perusing their sample cards and the other entries, I was enabled to NEED some more snark in my arsenal, so I shopped. :) Tonight I reveal one sentiment and two images from my purchase.

First, you know those perky people? The ones who are all chipper, even first thing in the morning, especially the mornings when you are at one of your lower points on the chipper scale? This is what you've always wanted to say to them:

heh heh Love that water cooler image. I'm pretty sure I can have her say just about anything I want. :)

Here's the same sentiment with a different image:

Given that I've had a particularly stabby week, these were good medicine this evening.

Some details: DSP Berry Blossoms, card stock is Calypso Coral, card base is from a masso order of white card bases from, Nestabilities to cut the sentiment layers and the main image. And if those things near her face were supposed to be ears, I declared them earrings. Too bad.

In other news, TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!! ALL DAY! And after Friday is THE WEEKEND!!!! And a 3-day weekend, to boot. Sweeeeet. I have some stampy plans, including participation in a huuuuge blog hop on Monday. Oh, and making up 4 cards for my Stamp Camps the following weekend. Yeah, I'll be busy.

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  1. Love the snark, I agree that those are earrings, not ears, and I LOVE the phrase "...a particularly stabby week..." - I'm sure I'll be borrowing it, thank you very much!

  2. LOL! It's early AM here and I'm sitting in front of my computer screen LMAO! Thanks, I needed that! Great snark on your terrific cards!

  3. Love the cards, and may I say, my girls now refer to having a bad day as "feeling stabby" LOL

  4. those bugaboo ladies are always fabulous...I must get me some of these real soon...


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