Monday, September 26, 2011

Playing Around

I read a LOT of blogs, both for inspiration and education, as well as supporting my friends who read MY blog. :) We won't talk about the underhanded and not-so-subliminal enabling that goes on, awakening our internal want-monsters. *ahem*

So the other day I watched this video by the very talented Tiff of iheartart and you know what? I TRIED IT! I DID! She used "glaze" and mixed it with a marker to create a tinted glaze for her papers. Go ahead and watch her video, then come back and see what I did. I'll wait ... ... (insert Jeopardy music) ... ...

Now all of that may be old news to some of you, but to those of us who got degrees in computers or Marketing or something NOT ART, it's news. Okay, here's my card:

Looks the same as another one I've made recently, and it is, with one exception: I stained the blue horizontal strip of paper. See if you can tell here:

It's very subtle, but you can see the white part is not all white, er, vanilla. I used some Claudine Hellmuth gloss gel medium and mixed it with some Lucky Limeade I scribbled on an acrylic block with the marker. It was soooo easy.

I tried it again later with the matte gel medium and some Cajun Craze reinker and it colored a lot deeper. Still crazy-easy. New skill! I need to play with this some more. Thanks, Tiff!!!

So if you still haven't watched that video, please do, and leave her some love while you're there. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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