Tuesday, September 27, 2011

WOTT 09/27/2011

I thought I'd play along with this week's What's On Tap Tuesday (WOTT) where we show what's in progress on our crafty work tables. I decided to play because I now have a standing desk, and it's still mostly clean. A MIRACLE, I KNOW! Here she is:

So. Much. Space. And because it's kindof a smaller work area, my original table (cleverly out of camera shot) holds things like my Memento ink pads, stamps that need cleaning along with their associated stamp sets, etc. It's actually fairly cleaned up, too. I will say I've been putting things away more after I use them instead of just pushing them aside. Once I get The Captain's Quarters a bit more organized I'll post some full-view pictures of my new desk.

Now, about the WOT part. There are remnants here of various projects from last night. The acrylic block and sponge brush are from an experiment with glaze and reinker (also still out) that I used to paint that piece of paper on the right. I cut out a circle and that funky-looking thing on the left is the beginning of what I hope will be one of these posies. You can see an earlier one I tried next to the Copics - I'm not real happy with it.

The Copics and clothespins are still out from cards I made that will automagically post on Wednesday and Thursday. Working ahead is good for the soul. :)

Oh, there's also a card part propped up against the tools container - it is a failure since that orange flower obliterates part of the sentiment. I chose poorly with its placement. I haven't the heart to toss it yet. I may still try to save it. Maybe.

So that's it. Now go take a pic of your own crafty space and show us what YOU have in progress. :) (I dare you!)

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