Sunday, September 18, 2011

Doily Card - Redux

One of my peeps came over for a crafty night last night after work, and we used the last 2 kits from my September Stamp Camps. During the inevitable chatter, I showed her a cool trick I learned watching this video by Patty Bennett and told her I'd planned to blog about it to share the love. Well, then, believe it or not, I stamped one of my sentiments crooked, and she said, "Why not use that cool punch thingie as your cover-up?" so I did! Lookie:

See that mini shape on the bottom right? I made it with the Decorative Label Punch! It's so easy! Go ahead and watch Patty's video because she did an EXCELLENT job of explaining things, and it's only 2+ minutes long.

It's so cool because it not only uses a punch that a bunch of us already have, but it's a great alternative to the Word Window Punch for all those Teeny Tiny Wishes sentiments. Plus, it will fit a lot of other sentiments, like the one she used in her demonstration! Gotta love a good multi-tasker! :)

I hope to get to stamp something for a few challenges this weekend, so I should have something to share. :) Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks! I just purchased that punch :)

  2. this may be more information than you really care about, but just in case you're as much of an information junkie as i am ;)
    i get your blog entries in my Google Reader and i saw the Doily Card - Redux post earlier today when you published it. so, unlike those readers who open your blog itself, it didn't seem buried to me.


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