Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Less UFO

The other day I ran across this card in my bloggy travels and decided I needed to make one like it. I usually cut the whole Top Note Die out of one color, or else I pattern the whole thing. I liked that she only patterned the bottom half.

While cleaning & purging in The Captain's Quarters this past weekend, I ran across a die-cut piece of patterned paper, so it was perfect to make two cards. Just cut it in half, cut another one out of a neutral - done!

Here's what I made:

Pretty easy, though it did take me about 2 days to decide on that flower. Sigh. Oh, and I only made one "good" one, since I chose poorly and place the flower over half the words on the second card. And no, it's glued down, so there's no moving it. Double-sigh. It was tragic, but I must move on. Please note that while her flower is gorgeous, mine can be mailed, in a normal envelope. I'm willing to make sacrifices for my art. :)

Now then, I've disappeared another UFO, and I have a few more waiting in the wings with a stack of current sketches ready to go. I'll be back!

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