Thursday, September 29, 2011

Clean & Simple 159

Here's this week's Fall-to Layout (FTL) 159 at the Clean & Simple blog:

I've seen quite a few people go for this one since it's been posted, and tonight I got a crazy idea to open one of my OMG I MUST OWN THAT Sizzix dies and actually use it. This particular one is a 3-circle Mover & Shaper, and if you look at that sketch, I could see them punched twice, side-by-each.

Here's my card:

I put a piece of grid paper in the opening of the Movers & Shapers base, then it was easy to align the die piece for the second cut. And, believe it or not, I got it right the first time! (go, me!)

The top layer is popped up on Dimensionals (ha - every time I type that I think "hopped up on drugz") and the piece of music paper underneath it is from the Heaplet - 7 Gypsies, I do believe. I only wanted to use one color with the vanilla, and decided on Cajun Craze, but I don't have that color ribbon. However, I do have Vanilla seam binding and Cajun Craze ink, so I dyed the ribbon. It's very uneven, and I decided I liked it that way. :)

In other news, did you know it's Banned Book Week? That's right! You can read about it here. Go back to that pile of books we HAD to read in High School, and half of them are now banned, somewhere. I plan to start with 1984 (that's a book, not a year, but it is a book about the year 1984) and then I'll move on to Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, then maybe even Catcher in the Rye. Oh, yeah, baby. I love being a rebel! :)

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  1. LOVE this!! What a cool way to use the sketch. And now I want that die!!


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