Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Sketch

My eldest has a birthday today (*waves* - pffth, like he reads this blog), and I'm telling you: cards for men are one of the most challenging things in my world. Well, next to domesticity, that is, but this is a crafting blog, so it's way up there.

I took the June SFYTT:

and made this:

I'm quite proud of the stash content on this card. :) Both the chevron and the ... other patterned paper are from The Heaplet, and I declared them "coordinating", or at least both in the "kinda tan" family. Color, it needed color. I went with blue, and added a piece of almost-never-used SU denim ribbon. After I scrapped (HA! No pun intended) the idea of stars and instead hollered "BUTTONS", I grabbed two dark blue, then opted for orange for some pop. Yes, that's a small orange button nested inside the large blue one. I added the orange layer, rounded the top left corners, and a card was born.

I think it's different, not boring, and shouldn't embarrass him if anyone else sees it. I'd call that a success. :)

In other news, I'm coming down off a 4-evening book club marathon with The Bloggess, and I'm seriously behind with my crafting. I played a bit today and made a ton of pretty trash. I hope to gain some ground on Sunday and do a few challenges, so hopefully I'll have something more to share.

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  1. This is FAB!!! YOu are very funny too. I chuckled through your post! ;P

  2. Great masculine card!!! Love those buttons on here and the design!

  3. I like the pop of orange and the rounded corners. Very nice. Happy bday to your ds. How many fingers is he? Lol.

  4. happy birthday to THE DUDE! and yes indeedy this is a very fab very MANLY card... great use of stash/buttons/heaplet items... awesome take on the sketch! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! (cuz YEAH guy cards are a LOT harder than girl ones!!!) ♥♥♥


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