Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rainbow Hexagons

I've been playing in The Captain's Quarters today, trying things I've wanted to try and making a mess. Mostly they didn't work, but I've checked them off my mental list, so at least there's that.

Along the way, I took Twitter breaks, and saw this amazing card on SCS. If you click through to her blog post, you can see what inspired her, but *I* was inspired by her idea to stamp an image across itself and color the intersections.

So I made this:

I stamped my Paper Smooches hexagon stamp on the panel, then stamped it again on a post-it note and trimmed it out to make a mask. I masked the first stamped image, turned the stamp 90 degrees (or so), lined it up with the masked image, and stamped it again. It's tougher than it looks! The stamp isn't designed to turn 90 degrees, so lining it up was a challenge, but you can see I managed to do it a few times.

Instead of coloring just the intersections, I decided to make more of a rainbow pattern across the whole thing.  I finished it off with one of my new Paper Smooches sentiments and a remnant of black gingham ribbon.

Now I need to see what other stamps I have that could be used this way. What fun!

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  1. Pretty cool stuff you got going on there.

  2. There's a Paper Smooches stamp I don't have?! This is the coolest technique. You've got a DNA look going on there. *smile*


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