Friday, June 15, 2012

Hexagon Central

This evening, I heard a rare knock on my door. I knew my pal RuffHaven was out and about on my side of town, so I thought maybe she'd stopped by for a spot of vino. Nope. It was two door-to-door sales types. They'd spotted me, so I couldn't pretend I wasn't home. Rats.

They were from Verizon. Now, I need to tell you that I am not a big consumer of the phone or the television, so when Verizon or Comcast knocks on my door, I usually have some fun with them, challenge their "I can beat your current package price" (no, you can't), then politely ask them to never, ever, knock on my door again or I will cancel what few services I do buy from them.

So imagine my joy when these ladies announced they were from Verizon. I almost closed the door on them, but I'm too NICE, so I asked them to please remove me from the knock list as I'd requested from the last 3 representatives, but they would. not. leave. Finally, when I asked them what part of "I am not interested" and "I never, ever, buy anything from someone who knocks on my door" did they not understand, they got it and left as I close the door on them.

I need a hex I can put on these people so they leave me alone.

Speaking of hex, I am suffering from hexagon overload. (Like that segue?) :D Yes, as you probably know, I am easily swayed by the latest "thing" -- think Washi tape here, people -- so of course I've succumbed to the hexagon craze. I have the Paper Smooches hexagon border stamp that I looove, and I have an Embossabilities folder that is hexagons on one side and chevrons on the other (BONUS!), but these dies ... hmmm ...

I caved and bought the MFT dies. Then I saw this post by Joan B, and I needed to play with the Silhouette. That's pretty much what I've been doing for two nights. Yeah, I might be sick of the things by now.

Here is what I refer to as Hexagon H3ll Central:

Yeah, there's PILES of the stuff. Here's the first one I tackled:

This almost made me blind. It's the Medium honeycomb from the Silhouette store. You'll notice the next few I made were larger. I cut the vanilla card stock, then three pieces of PTI paper I was unable to sell so I might as well use it.

Here is the next one I made:

A little bigger, and I edged it and designed in partial hexagons and triangles in the spaces. I cut this out of vanilla, then three pieces of the PTI papers.

Then I cut this one:

I was so sick of the Silhouette at this point, I didn't cut any patterned papers in this size, but I think it's going to be the best size if I ever touch the things again. ;/

Then I went ahead and cut some papers with the MFT dies:

I'll play with these another day. Let me show you what I made with some of the Silhouette-cut stuff. First up:

 I used the negative of the frame that was cut with the vanilla hexagons as a template to place all the pieces, then removed the frame. It looks pretty cool! Here's some detail so you can see how poorly I actually stuck them down:

The ribbon is from my All That's Left Of My PTI collection. Sentiment is from Paper Smooches.

Next up:

I trimmed the OMG I'M GOING TO GO BLIND piece I was working on and cut it into this banner. I really like how it looks, but ACK! I'm too old for this. To get everything to stick, I Xyron'd the strip of honeycomb, then glued the teeny tiny hexagons in neat rows so I didn't need to think about the color pattern.

Here they are up close and personal:

I got all ornery (imagine that) and stamped an ancient SU rocking chair stamp over the Paper Smooches sentiment. It was boring without it.

Last one:

More of the pieces I used on the first card, only I used just two rows of them. I did the same thing with the template for alignment.

So, yeah, I'm kinda over hexagons now, but I'll probably use them again once I get over the mess.

In the future, I shall not open the door to anyone I'm not expecting, so RuffHaven, please make sure you call me from the parking lot if you expect me to open the door. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll have some wine to go with this whine.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. TOO FUNNY!!!
    And....that's A LOT of hexagons too!! Love the cards though and the patterned paper! Very cute

    This is one of the nice things about living in the country - you don't get the door to door guys....and if one does happen to wander by you just stick the shotgun out the door and they think a crazy person lives here! LOL!


  2. Wow, that is a lot of hexagons and I like what you've done with them. Door to door sales people can be obnoxious but we live too far out to get too many and I am happy about that.

  3. OMG, I'm totally loving the hexagons after seeing your post! Fabulous cards...I may just have to go shopping :)

  4. These are beyond awesome and very inspiring!


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