Saturday, June 2, 2012

Washi Birthday

When I saw the sketches for the June Hero Arts Contest:

guess what I saw? That's right! An opportunity to use some of my growing collection of washi and paper tape. (heh heh) I used the sketch on the bottom left to make this:

I broke out my green stack of Target paper tape for the two green strips, and the neon pink and yellow are from a stack I got online, mostly because I rarely use bright colors like this, and it was a way for me to justify more tape. *ahem*

Believe it or not, I cut (or didn't cut) the bottoms of the tapes the way they are on purpose. The outer two are angled in, the dark green one is just torn, and the hot pink one was notched. I thought notching all of them would be too "everyone else will do it that way". I'm such a rebel.

I like using a piece of white card stock cut smaller than the card front for layering the tape pieces. It lets me play around with tape placement without risking the whole card base (I can wreck just about anything), and also so I can tuck the top edges behind the layer and not have to worry about yet another crooked element.

In other news, I'm back to my old trick of printing a ton of sketch and color challenges, so I'll be back later with more creations. I hope. So far today I've made a lot of pretty trash. Crafting is HARD, people, HARD! 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love this, you rebel you!!!!! :)

    And, you need a *reason* to buy more tape? glad I never knew that ha ha ha!!!! :)

  2. I like the bright colors and I like this card, but no matter how much you enable me, I will not buy Washi tape. Nope. Not gonna do it. Well, not today anyway.


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