Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just Playing

One of my peeps - Natalie - attempted to enable me by showing me a cool bow die from Lil' Inker. Here it is cut from felt, and here it is from card stock/paper. I DO NOT NEED another source for dies. Plus, this makes a poofy bow, which, if you check out Natalie's SCS gallery will be perfect for her, but for me? Not so much.

So I was determined to make my own bow for the few times I might need a poofy one. Here's what I did: I punched and cut some paper. I DID! Here are the Lil' Inker parts (left) next to the pieces I cut (right) -- like that isn't obvious:

 I used the SU Wide Oval punch, but I think the Petite Ovals Nestabilities might be better. Hmm.  Here are the bow parts folded and stuck:

 Then stuck mine together, ripped them apart and trimmed the rectangle to be skinnier in the center:

 Here are the assembled bows side-by-each:

Yes, theirs is MUCH nicer than mine. Hmm, mine is actually poofier than theirs, too. Why am I here, again? Geez. Maybe I do need this die. Whoa, what just happened here? I might have enabled myself.

So anyway, I tried. I'm going back in to play some more. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I think yours looks just fine and besides, when you send the card the bow will get smashed anyway. I love the look of those bows but probably would never use one.

  2. SELF-enablage, that is very DIY of you missus! but then making your own diecut bow (which i LOVE actually!) is in the same vein... you are so clever at actually TRYING (& in this case "tying"... ok sorry... that was terrible even for me!) your brilliant ideas! many of mine die of lonlieness inside my head! ♥

  3. lurve... i actually saw the bow tie on another blog lately (Jen del muro? i dunno) and love it. good thing I'm broke, must resist die purchase...


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