Friday, June 6, 2014

So I Had This Idea ...

When I say "so I had this idea", most times it means I had an idea and it failed to work like I'd envisioned it. I like to look at things -- stamp sets, dies, whatever -- to see if there are other ways to use them besides their original intent. That's what happened last weekend when I had the Simon Says Stamp Scribble Flowers and matching dies in my paws. I must have picked them up and put them down at least 12 times before I tried the "is there another use for these" justification for their purchase.  Never mind that Shari Carroll had used them on a class card and I got to see them in action. I needed another way to use them. And I thought of one, so I bought them.

After much inking and playing and DOHing, I finally sorta got my plan to work. This is what came out:

This is about my 5th attempt at these birds. I thought the circles would be cute wonky birds of all different sizes, and the stems could be spindly legs. I also thought the leaves could be wings, but that one failed me, though maybe my birds are too small. I'll have to try it with the larger circles.

I inked the circles in yellow, then rock-n-rolled the edges in orange before I stamped them, so they're each a bit different. Then I stamped the outline circles over them in black. Because of my failure with the wings, I hand-drew them, plus beaks and some fuzz for hair and tails. Admittedly, they're a bit weird, but they are mine and I love them. :)  I'll keep playing.

Oh, look, the babies are leaning. Sigh. Maybe it's windy. Also, it's very difficult to think of a sentiment to go with this scene besides Hello or Just A Note, so that's what it got.

I sponged the sky and added my standard flying birds. It somehow completes the scene for me.

In other news, this weekend - that would be TONIGHT - is Virtual Stamp Night (VSN) over on Splitcoast. Check it out! There will be hourly challenges Friday night from 6 - 9 pm, and Saturday from 1 - 8 pm. The challenge I'm hosting is at 3 pm Saturday. Why not stop by and play some of them?

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Stuff I used: A*Muse Cloud dies, and the following:


  1. The babies are new and therefore wobbly. You're welcome.

    Also, very cute idea.


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