Saturday, June 7, 2014

Two More VSN Cards

I just played the last two VSN challenges from Friday night. Challenge three is to make a card inspired by a book. It could be a book image, the title, the characters, text pages - just about anything book-related.

I chose to dig out a stamp I knew I had, and I made this:

Somewhere ... somewhere ... in my house, is a stamp that says "Books, cats, life is good.", but can I find it? Noooooooooo. However, I did find lots of other stuff I'd forgotten I had, so there's that. Plus I found a missing die part. Whoot! But alas, not the stamp I wanted, so I was forced to use my Dymo labeler to meet the time restriction for VSN. I think it ruins the aesthetics (hahahahahaha, omg, I crack myself up ... aesthetics ... ), but I really had no choice.

The mottled background is a piece of water color paper left over from last week when I was playing with my home-made mists. It's so pretty!

The fourth challenge was to make a Retirement-themed card, or alternatively a Bon Voyage card. Here's mine:

I first colored the rabbit, and it was quite stressful. I hate intensely dislike when I can't figure out the parts of a drawing to know what to color. Apparently I thought he was wearing boots in an inner tube. Makes perfect sense. So please pretend he has darker feet than body. Sigh.

This background was another one left from my spritzing play last week. I think it looks like sky and water, don't you? :)

Unable to find any Retirement sentiments, I used a Bon Voyage one instead. While searching for the "Books, Cats ..." sentiment for the other card, naturally I found at least three retirement sentiments. Of course.

So I'm all caught up with VSN, and today's challenges start at 1:00 pm EDT, which (as I type) was just a few short minutes ago! My challenge will be up at 3:00 pm. Please come over to the Splitcoast VSN forum and play!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: American Art Stamp cat image, Inky Antics bunny image, left-over panels of water color paper spritzed or inked with spritzed stencils, vat of clear embossing powder, and the following:
Note: My DYMO labeler is way older, but the one I linked to is very similar)

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  1. Those cards look so cool! The vintage Dymo tape makes the cards look unique. Keep up with the good work! ^CP


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