Thursday, October 16, 2014

ABNH: Recycle It! (Encore)

Today I'd like to share another card I made in the spirit of the A Blog Named Hero Recycle It! challenge:

This time I used an old reliable: the webbing from around the Brussels Sprouts I get at the super market. Here's my card, then I'll explain:

And yes, I used the same sentiment as yesterday's card. It was out.

So, do you see where I used the webbing? It's subtle, but it's there. I used it as a stencil at the bottom of the card. Let's see if this helps:

Better? The webbing is very stretchy and springy and won't stay put, so I actually had to put extreme permanent tape on the back of the blue panel, then stretch the webbing across the panel, sticking it in place on the back. Let's call it tedious.

Then I went over the webbing with a dauber and my Hero Arts Tide Pool ink. The ink was just a shade darker than the Distress paper I used, which is why you can barely see it.

Here's some proof of what I did:

The non-stick mat is to keep the blue panel from sticking to everything in sight. That extreme permanent tape is serious business, but it's the only thing that would hold the darn webbing. Based on how wavy the pattern is, you can see what I mean about the webbing fighting back. It was relentless.

Since I managed to sponge (daub) the ink over the webbing on a curve upwards to the right across the front of the card, I went with that to guide my sentiment placement. That's why there are three HAPPYs, staggered from right to left.

To balance out all those black words and add a little color, I used the balloons from the Hero Arts Happy Birthday set. I colored them with Copics and cut them out, hacking off the stamped strings. I then added some crochet thread for strings, poked a hole in the R, and threaded them through. I tied a separate piece of thread for the bow in an attempt to hide the hole and make it look more finished.

So, what do you have laying around that you could use on a card or other project? I'll bet you'll look at stuff differently for the next two weeks before you throw it away. At least I hope you will. If you decide to give it a shot, come on over to ABNH and link us up!

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  1. It looks like it took a lot of effort, but the result was worth it. It's subtle and pretty. :-)

  2. It was worth the effort, that subtle patten is great.

  3. I like how the balloons are tied to the R. Thanks for sharing how you did that. I like the subtle stenciling you did along the bottom. Often cards need a little something on them and that is a good choice. It gives it some depth but doesn't over power.


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