Thursday, October 23, 2014

Deck the Halls

Here's another card I made last weekend:

I had good intentions. Since I don't make a lot of holiday cards, I only wanted to borrow the set. But once I got finished, I needed it. NEEDED it, do you hear me?! Unfortunately I was enabled by free wifi at the hotel, and I may or may not have placed an order for it, and a few other things to ... you know,  justify the shipping. In fact, the set arrived today, so once my craft room has been reassembled, I'll play some more.

The card I originally saw (which sent me in search of the set) used Copic coloring with shading on the images, then all the bulbs were covered with Glossy Accents. Not me, though. I took a simple one-color approach, and added some Wink of Stella to make them sparkle:

I listed T1 below, and I just remembered where I'd used it. The pink I used on the bulbs was quite shocking compared to the other colors, so I went over it with the T1 marker to tone it down a bit. 

Again, as was my MO for most of the weekend, I colored the edges of a white layer with one of my Copics, and assembly was easy peasy.

Next time I might go for some shading. Could happen. :)

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  1. I don't blame you - I would have needed that set, too. Might still, once I get out my Christmas stamps and see what I already have. Love this card.

  2. There is just something so magical about the Christmas lights...always makes me feel giddy seeing them come out of storage. I love your card, the whimsical bulbs and the simple sentiment...a winner!

  3. Um I love that I saw you make this live and in living color :) It's fabulous! The wink of Stella really makes those babies shine!!

  4. How cute! I'm always amazed by the beauty of clean and simple cards, but I just have no talent when it comes to creating them. Great job!

  5. I like quickly colored and glittered bulbs are the best. I don't think one should spend too much time on holiday cards as they get lost among the holiday festivities.


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