Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It's The Little Things

I love a little attitude on my cards, but most of you know that by now. One of the sentiment stamps I'd packed for my recent crafty retreat was in need of an image, and I waited until the third day before I found just the right one.


I thought she was perfect. One of the fun parts of getting together with crafty friends is the opportunity to swap duplicates. It seems to be a common affliction, where we like something so much we buy it twice, or thrice. My pal at the next table said, "Oh, look, I have two of these. Want one?" Yes, please!!! I think she will go with a lot of my irreverent sentiments.

I found a cool piece of patterned paper in a borrowed pad of Echo Park Victorian Garden 6x6 papers, and I used coordinating Copics to color it. As an added bonus, I stamped the sentiment straight! It's a wood one, so I practice to make sure the index and stamp are actually lined up. I once found one with the sentiment mounted upside down, and I didn't do it! Can't be too careful these days.

I'm telling you, when you have the perfect image and sentiment, you can let them be the stars and do very little else on the card. This works well for the lazy portion of my brain. :)

I have two cards left to share from my crafty weekend, and I'll share them later this week while I'm waiting for inspiration to hit me. I spent most of Monday labeling and packaging more dies. I have a serious die collection, and it might need to be purged. The good part about this exercise is touching each and every die, uttering more than one exclamation of "Oh, yeah, I remember that one.", and starting a Purge pile. It's small now, but growing. Purging is good for the soul. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Riley & Co: Ethel, sentiment from Eat Cake Graphics, Echo Park Victorian Garden 6x6 paper pack, and the following:


  1. That image goes perfectly with that sentiment. I bet you had a blast on your crafty weekend.

  2. "ohhhh, I remember that!" happens a lot here too. I should probably clean up more often. (ain't happening)
    This is the perfect combination of my very favourite thing, vintage snark!

  3. ok YEAH that is the perfect stamp for a lot of different sentiments, especially this one! very anne taintor-ish and yet still totally it's own thing. plus some lovely C&S construction here. well done, missus! ♥

  4. A matched pair...sentiment and image. Perfect!

  5. Me too! Given an axe and a claw hammer. I might be being a little hostile today.... but actually not as hostile as yesterday, which was The Day Before the Full Moon which for some reason makes Arizonians crazier than the actual full moon.


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