Sunday, October 19, 2014

CASEing Heather Ruwe

One of the cards I've recently stored in my grey matter to CASE is this one by my pal Heather Ruwe:

by Heather Ruwe
That idea was sitting there, percolating, as I was surrounded by my stampy friends this weekend, trying to get some of their mojo to rub off on me. I also blurfed for even more inspiration. I needed a lot.

When I saw the current Little Tangles  Challenge:

and one of the cards was Heather's card that I already wanted to CASE, well, what was I do to but play along? :) Here's the card I created:

Sorry about the glare at the bottom. We're in a large meeting room with not-the-best lighting. ;/

I stamped the main image first, since I wanted it to be in the front, then I masked it and began stamping the other images to overlap each other. I eventually had made four masks. Probably could have used five, but I was lazy.

I colored the edges of a second piece of card stock with a Copic to make the layer match the top of the Rx bottle. The orange stripe in the washi tape was a close match to the Copic-colored layer, and also the card seemed boring without something.

I've actually made a few more cards, but I've been too busy chatting and eating to post them. I shall share them throughout the week, as I doubt I'll unpack before next weekend. I'm having some cabinets installed in two of my bedrooms (one of which is my craft room), and I'll need to clear it out. Unpacking just doesn't seem like it fits into that plan very well.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: MT washi tape, and the following:


  1. That's a clever card design. The masking! Yikes! Glad you had a fun weekend.

  2. That's a lot of masks, but it looks wonderful. I like the brighter colors on your card.

  3. Love your take on Heathers card. I like the bottles jumbled up. So smart to have that little bit of washi under your main image. Fantastic card Leslie.

  4. ok, so, i LOVE the inspiration card, but yours is EVEN BETTER!!! love the colors and that vertical strip of tape just makes it!!! <3

  5. What a wonderful CASE job. I saw the original and thought "so much masking" and then I saw yours and it has even more masking! I love it thought and that was a great idea to give it a stripe of washi tape for fun.


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