Sunday, October 12, 2014

More Neon Christmas

In my previous post, I shared my first card I made that was inspired by the current Merry Monday Christmas Challenge to use neon on a holiday card. Once I finished that one I had another idea using the same Clean & Simple sketch:

My first attempt was almost done, when I schmeared some pink ink onto the finished front of the card. Here it is, then I'll explain:

Oh, look, I mounted it crooked. ;/

You many not be able to see it, but I sure can. Perhaps my sukky photography skills do come in handy on occasion. ;/

I had used a sentiment from the Paper Smooches Christmas Sampler on my last card, and I thought: why not make the stripes on the sketch using all sentiments? So I did. :) I drew lines like I did for the snowflakes so I had a chance of the stamping being straight, then stamped each sentiment, one at a time, in different colors, adding clear embossing powder as I finished each line. Once I'd stamped and powdered all of them, I heat set them.

In real life they shine:

Unfortunately, two bad things happened. One, I realized I'd drawn my lines a little too dark, and I could see them through some of the embossed letters. Also, I wasn't thinking clearly, and used the coral pigment ink to color the edges of the layer under the white panel. I heat set it to dry, and I even walked away for a bit, but not long enough. It schmeared. I was sad.

I left the room, then came back, took a deep breath, and started over. This is the second version:

This time I drew the lines a little lighter and they don't show as much through the embossed letters. I also used a dye ink to color the edges of the layer under the white panel.

Then, not leaving well enough alone, I decided to get out my neglected neon daubers and flick some ink over the top of the card, which meant I got it everywhere, even on my face. I daubbed (that's a word, right?) some of the ink onto my craft mat, spritzed it with water, then used a small paint brush to flick it ... everywhere. 

Here's proof these words are clear embossed and shiny:

For both of these I didn't add a sentiment line since all my lines were sentiments.

These were a lot of work, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. Definitely not a mass-produce card, at least not in my world.

WAIT, I just had another idea. You may see another colorful card here in a few days. We'll see.

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  1. I really like the neon inks on the card and the splatters, too. You know, you could just trim that first one down to the white and remount it on another piece - I do that a lot :-)

  2. Gorgeous! Love all that bright neon colour.

  3. OK, I believe yer about to be CASEd! This is such a great idea (although I heard sad trombones at the smudge...I feel your pain!). I love the splatters - and I love the plain. JUST LOVE them!

  4. What a fun looking card, your hard work paid off; tfs!

  5. Neon and Christmas just do not compute for me. I like the card designs and all the flicks of color. It is quite nifty but oh my! So much work...!



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