Tuesday, October 7, 2014

SOS #172: It's The Most Colorful Time Of The Year!

Happy Tuesday! It's time for a new challenge at Shopping Our Stash. This week's theme is It's The Most Colorful Time Of The Year! and we're using Fall/Autumn colors.

I had some tiny die-cut leaves left over from making my card for our Shower Time challenge, so I cut a few more and made this:

That's supposed to be a wreath of leaves. I even drew a circle, but it still seems off-balance. I think it's the light green leaf at about 4:00 that's doing me in, but all those leaves were used, so there's that.  The card base and piece of textured wall paper were in my UFO pile, so my card base was already done for me. I just drew the circle (no, really, I did) around the center part of the design, and used it as a guide to place my leaves.

The sentiment is from the Avery Elle Modern Leaves set. I bought the set and matching dies for the leaves, but I mostly use it for the sentiments.

About that wall paper: Last year a friend of mine bought several rolls of the stuff, and gave us each a small section. Like a Parent Sheet from The Paper Source, I will never use it all, so I was quite proud I used one small piece of it here. It was distressed with some Old Paper ink in an attempt to highlight some of the embossed areas.

In other news, as I rode home shotgun from last weekend's road trip to Traverse City, MI, my pal and I discussed how I could rearrange my furniture. (It's been a year and I'm still not happy with how I have it.) Last night after I got home, I moved furniture to try out her idea, and that forced me to re-locate my ghetto photo studio. Anyone who has a cat knows that this means "it's new and must be investigated", so here's Bobra helping me photograph my card:

He's such a good boy.

So, Fall is in the air, and I think you want to play our challenge. Please do, and when you stop by the SOS blog to link up, please check out the other DT gals' projects and leave them some comment love.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: a piece of textured wall paper, and the following:


  1. well YES that is obviously a wreath of autumn leaves and a most lovely one it is too! LOVE this card and it's kind of making me want to use that sketch which i never got around to!!! :)

  2. Super job on the wreath, great job on the card, love the falling leaves off the wreath. Great take on the challenge. Here's a little tip I use my spellbinders circles to make a narrow template or a wider one if you are popping the wreath up. this keeps the circle even. Now if I could figure out how to get a circle digi round I would be happy.

  3. I'm going to case this. Just sayin.

    I. Love. This. Card!

  4. Off centre is totally where it's at!! Love the purty wreath and the falling leaves!

  5. Turns out dogs do this too. Or at least mine does. My investigative desk cat was a total a-hole this morning & knocked over all 30 distress inks. Thanks, Maggie.
    I happen to love this card. So there. Neener neener!

  6. Mmmmmm leaf dies. Someone I have steadfastly and foolheartedly held onto my leaf punches but I really should move into the more modern leaf dies.... right after I convert my 8-tracks to cassette.

    Fun card and cats always have to go stand where they couldn't go stand before. And be helpful, they excel at that.

  7. I think the wreath looks great! I also am quite enamored of the falling leaves down your card front. Wonderful design.

    Bobra is so helpful, in that special cat way!


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