Monday, December 8, 2014

Dear Blogger: STOPPIT!

A lot of us got a big surprise today when we went to comment on people's blogs and got a Captcha box to enter a number to "prove we are human". This seems to only happen on blogs where the comment form is a pop-up window, as blogs with embedded comment forms aren't affected.

There is much ranting over at the Blogger forums here:!categories/blogger

Google/Blogger said it's our individual third-party cookie rules, but for me it's only broken for blogs with pop-up comment forms, and ALL of us didn't make changes, so I suspect it's something else.

Until then, I've changed my comment for to embedded. I seem to recall people had problems commenting when I had it that way before, which is why I changed it to a pop-up form. We're screwed either way.

I know, I know: you get what you pay for, right?


ETA: I've heard you may still get Captcha if you have the embedded comment form, but I haven't seen it yet. I've also heard you can ignore the Captcha and it will still post your comment. Sigh.


  1. Leslie, I just went over and changed mine to embedded too. Hope I don't get a ton of spam and that type of thing. It really is a mess on Blogger! Just hope they don't ask us to pay for this mess now!

  2. Full page also has the captcha, and as far as spam goes...I just get it on mostly older posts, so I have moderation turned on for posts older than 7 days only. Just a thought. Thanks again for all your research on this one.

  3. No verification here but I heard though the grapevine that you can not enter numbers and just hit publish and the comment goes through anyway. I tried it myself and sure enough. Next time you you comment on my blog, skip the numbers and just hit publish. It's all good!


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PS: I've had to disable Anonymous comments, because the spammers were killing me. If you are unable to comment, please email me your comment and I'll get it posted for you. Sorry. (stoopid spammers)