Wednesday, December 17, 2014

WOYWW - Dec 17, 2014

In my world, it's all about baby steps. I've lived here just over a year, now, and I find I only unpack a box when I'm looking for something. Well, yesterday I was looking for my S-hooks because I wanted to finally hang up some of my IKEA Bygel storage (photos in a sec), and they were nowhere to be found.

I started in the craft room annex, also known as the third bedroom. I unpacked three large moving boxes of "stuff", some of which is now trash, some will make it to the craft room closet, some will be given away (I think I have every color curling ribbon ever made), and some landed here:

It's time to play What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Yep, this is my desk right now. It holds things I've found in various boxes and bags, and also some new things like the pretty flowers and ribbon on the right that were a gift, and a stamp I haven't used yet (that miraculously didn't get covered up).  All that stuff is either from a box I unpacked in the annex, or from a bag I cleared out from the corner behind my desk (pic in a sec), or from kits I received last year that I have no idea what to do with since I don't scrapbook. They all eventually need homes, but for now they are here. I can't make another card until I address this ... stuff.

In all fairness, I have a huge empty space in the annex that used to hold the three packing boxes. I also have this:

I finally hung up two of my IKEA Bygel rails (you can find them in the kitchen section). See my Copics on the right? My refills used to sit on top of the cubbies, but I got a few more and ran out of space, so I grabbed the basket you see on the top rail, put all the refills in the center, and put in some button storage boxes to hold them in place. This freed up the top of my cubbies for a tin bucket of miscellaneous bling, and my box of Gelatos.

Here's the top basket up close and personal:

The bottom basket holds all my bling:

In a rare moment, I bought this container because it was pretty, without a thought to what I'd use it for. I had three small baskets of bling, one each for rhinestones, pearls, and enamel dots. Now they all live happily together in here.

This is also the basket for which I needed the S-hooks. Sadly, after I'd emptied the three huge moving boxes, I still hadn't found the hooks.

Then I moved on to the craft room to look for the hooks. One of the things on my list of self-assigned tasks was clearing out the s-crap that was piled up in boxes and bags that filled the space behind where I stand at my desk, and continued all the way to the open closet doors, and behind the doors. I could barely move in there, and I couldn't get to the closet for all the s-crap piled in the way. Some of the stuff now on my desk was in that heap, and now that space looks like this:

I see floor! And the doors actually close! Wheeee!  Standing next to the cabinet are a few SU grid pads I re-discovered, a few stamping pads, and my large MS score board. Also my cache of wet wipes and a few book ends that will make their way to the bookcases in the annex. Once I relocate that black bag (it holds a bunch of Hero Arts card bases), all the standing stuff will live under the cabinet and it will look much neater. I probably won't be able to handle it.

Bobra couldn't figure out what happened to his exploring area. He does not like closed doors. See:

He opened that.

One other thing I did in the craft room was bring in my two wooden CD storage boxes, that now live here:

You can see the closet on the left and my standing desk on the right. Now that the closet doors close, I had room for the wooden boxes on top of my cabinet. I used these boxes in my old place to hold my black inks, my most-used acrylic blocks, etc. I see no reason why they can't be used that way again.

On top of the boxes is an altered letter E. I also have an M and an H (MEH), and these will eventually be hung on one of the walls as ART! I have several other pieces of "other people's" art that will also make it to the walls one day.

Oh, about those S-hooks? The next thing on my list to organize is a stack of boxes under my wooden library card catalog. I looked into one of them and found the S-hooks. I hung up my green basket and called it a day.

Up next: the desk.

Baby steps, people, baby steps.


  1. Love those Bygel rails, I wish I had some wall space to hang them. Will we ever get to see your entire room??

  2. Those hanging baskets are so cute and handy. Moving is hard and it does take a long time to get all situated, but you're crafty space is looking really nice. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #41

  3. MEH! Love it! I want to get the letters to spell XANAX to put on a shelf. I haven't run across the letters since I thought of it but it will happen one day. Thanks for sharing your desk in all its scary glory. Messy desks are da bomb! You never know what treats you find in them.

    I didn't join WOYWW because Charles moved once I turned on the camera. Before that he was sitting on my desk, on top of my projects licking his balls. It was such a scream.

  4. Gosh, you have a LOT of pens! They're very neatly stored. Love the hanging bins idea! Well done on the tidying front - enjoy your newly discovered floor space! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @InkyDibkyDoodle #24

  5. I LOVE your desk - mine is very close to that :) I get one place organized in my craft room BUT then its a big ole mess in another place - baby steps indeed. I love your room - messiness and all - so much more really :)

  6. I really enjoyed your tour. looking great. Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing your space.

    Pat 49

  7. Hi Leslie - well done on getting sorted (and finding those hooks!) The room looks great, and will be a wonderful place to work and play. Happy WOYWW, Chris # 8

  8. Unpacking is sometimes like shopping. I find things I forgot about and it is nice finding them. Your space looks very organised and that IKEA stuff is very nice. Have fun with your new workspace!
    Happy holidays
    Gabriele 19

  9. Awesome room? I also bought those racks from ikea with good intentions and cute little red bucket to put on them. Then hubby built my room and didn't leave any wall space to hang them on :(. Will have to find somewhere else to put them.

  10. Hi Leslie,
    Happy belated WOYWW. I love your Ikea buckets, I have something similar but nowhere near as good as those, mine is a kitchen storage thing from Lidls, and it is shelves rather than buckets so things fall off! I might look into the Ikea ones, I can use the same rails I have now.

    As for finding the hooks - it is always the way that you find things when you have given up searching and moved on to something else - I just found my missing pillowcase when going to make up the guest bed! I am always losing craft stuff, bought a new anti static bag and then found the one I had searched "everywhere" for and it was where it should have been all along but had got pushed down.

    It is all working out for you, come and do my room next?

    Cazzy #55

  11. Belated WOYWW wishes. I thought I had a nice stash of pens, but your Copics are the winner!
    I've never learned to take baby steps and go all out when it comes to my crafting space, but your space is shaping up so nicely, I may need to take lessons form you....LOL
    LOVE the rail and bucket system....looks GREAT and very useful.
    Krisha #5

  12. I love those Bygel rails. I have them in my kitchen (in black) with mugs hanging on the hooks.
    You had a good sort out! Good for you. We have been living here nearly three years now and still there are some un-unpacked boxes in the garage!
    You are the 3rd WOYWWer that has a scoring board on her photo. I'm trying to buy one (so far unsuccessfully). Amazon do one for £50/$78 (which I think is a bit pricey), but they don't ship to Spain, which is where I live. Sorry, I've finished moaning now.
    Belated WOYWW wishes and a very happy Christmas,

  13. Love, love, love your desk and those amazing Ikea wall organizers, fabulous.


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