Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Stripey Experiment

During my recent crafty weekend, one of my friends and I played with our MISTIs. If you haven't heard about this tool, go check it out here. Iliana is a genius. The MISTI is perfect for mass-production, or for people like me who make a card then immediately destroy it by mis-stamping the sentiment at the end. I have already saved a few cards by being able to re-stamp the sentiment again in the exact same spot with the MISTI. It's pricey, and not for everyone, but I'm happy I splurged. :)

So, here is one of my MISTI experiments from my weekend:

I inked up the stripey background stamp with three different Distress inks. Why Distress inks? Because I thought they'd blend better where they overlapped. Plus, they were closer to me, and I didn't feel like looking for dye inks. I might be lazy.

You may notice the red section is a bit ... bolder than the other two colors. That's because when I stamped it the first time, the image didn't stamp completely. NO PROBLEM, I said. I'll just re-ink the red part and stamp again in the exact same spot. :D You can see the overlap where the orange and red meet at the bottom. That's the spot that didn't stamp well the first time. And you know I couldn't have positioned the stamp so precisely on my own. Check the title of this blog.

In my continuing effort to build my birthday card stash, I used on of my pal's Taylored Expression birthday stamps. It was perfect for the center of this busy background.  I also used the MISTI to get it centered on the piece of card stock with a clean stamping the first time out of the gate. I might have squeed. A few layers of black card stock and I was finished.

So far I'm doing a pretty good job of convincing myself I needed a MISTI. I plan to use it as much as I can to make sure I keep justifying it, too. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: SU Basic Black card stock, and the following:


  1. Great stripes! Still debating on a MISTI.

  2. Beautiful! I'm still not convinced I need a MISTI, but that could change. It looks cool, I'm just not sure how much I would use it.

  3. MISTI looks really cool and I see the benefits. I use my stamp positioner a lot to make sure the greeting is stamping straight. I like your stripey card and am impressed how you got the parts that failed to stamp the first time do it right the second time.

  4. It looks like a very cool tool...seeing it everywhere lately. Love the card, those stripes are wonderful.


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