Wednesday, January 14, 2015

NOT Washi Tape

I've played about eight challenges this week, and no, you haven't seen the cards, because I decided I don't like them. Today I started over, and after I show you the more blog-worthy versions, I may or may not share the icky ones. We'll see.

As most of my three (maybe four) regular readers know by now, I have an embarrassingly large collection of washi tape. You'd think I have a color for everything, but that isn't the case. Much like my former collection of Every Color Ribbon But The One I Need, my washi tape often fails me when I look for specific colors.

So what's a girl to do? I bought the MFT Washi Patterns and More Washi Patterns stamps. Now, if I don't have the right color of washi tape, I can stamp my own. Sweet.

So, I was determined to play the surprisingly-still-current Paper Players color challenge that I blew last weekend:

I also used the current CASology challenge:

to force me to use something new. My NBUS (Never Been Used Schtuff, coined by the lovely Miss Darnell) was my MFT Washi Patterns stamps.

Oh, did you want to see the card? Here you go:

The lovely washi tape isn't. It's stamped, in colors of my choosing. Isn't it great? I stamped the orange (SSS Coral Reef) and tan (HA Wet Cement) onto the white panel, then stamped the blue-green (HA Soft Pool, or maybe Tide Pool) onto a piece of white and trimmed it. It's tough to overlap washi tapes when you're just stamping them, so the blue piece had to be separate for layering. I even went wild and tore the edge of the strip of card stock to make it look more real.

The sentiment was stamped with Hero Arts Wet Cement and the white panel was stuck onto a Pool base. It looked nekkid, so I added a few sequins.

Would you like to see my failed version? Here you go:

It's not horrible, but the washi tape was stamped too long and I think it looks weird. I'm also not happy with my choice of black for the sentiment. I'm just not feeling the love.

I've played a few more challenges, so I'll be back soon. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

ETA: Thank you, Darnell, for reminding me I can also link directly to your NBUS challenge!

Stuff I used: miscellaneous sequins, and the following:


  1. I do like your first card better, the proportions seem more right. IF I wasn't washi tape impaired I would definitely get those stamps!

  2. "Much like my former collection of Every Color Ribbon But The One I Need, my washi tape often fails me when I look for specific colors." Leslie you crack me up! Thanks for the laugh today and I liked both cards but agree with you the first one is the best!

  3. Both cards are lovely, but the first one wins it for me. Thank you so much for joining us this week at CASology

  4. I love that you've shown the versatility of your design elements - I always love to see things used in more than one way! So glad you joined us at CASology this week!

  5. What a great idea, stamping your Washi tape! The little tear at the end really makes it appear to be real Washi tap!! Lovely card.

  6. Fake washi tape? So thereby it can be in the right color? That's insanity. I like both your cards, but you are right that the second one is unbalanced.

  7. Ohhhhh la la!! Stamped washi tape??? This is the answer to my dreams (and washi tape buying obsession) - you're right - I have LOADS of it, but never in the colour I want at the time.

  8. Leslie I have an embarrassingly large collection of washi tape too and almost never use it. What I don't have is washi tape stamps (note to self) LOL! Thanks for inspiration, love both of your cards. Thanks for joining us this week at The Paper Players!

  9. You are TOO funny, Leslie! Why do we do things like that? We have a ton of Washi tape and then we think, oh, I know, I'll buy some faux Washi tape stamps! We would be rich if we had a dollar for every crafter who did the same thing!! And BTW, thanks for enabling me now with these faux Washi stamps! I think it's genius! It totally looks like the real thing and you can make them whatever color you want!! And I actually like both cards because I'm not as hard on you as you are on you. I hope you didn't bin that thank you card!

    Thank you so much for playing in the CASology challenge! This week CASology is collaborating with my NBUS Challenge #3 as you may have seen on the CASology site, so if you've linked a NBUS creation with CASology, please feel free to also link over at my challenge where the theme is simply NBUS all the time! Have a great day! Hugs, Darnell

  10. Fun cards! I'm way behind on challenges this week. The ones I tried were big fails. Maybe I'll have some mojo tomorrow since the office is closed.


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