Saturday, January 31, 2015

Da Birds

I've been playing in my craft room all day, and have nothing to show for it but pretty trash. So instead of a card, I'm sharing some photos of my crooked bird feeder.

You see, the feeder holds a cylinder of seed, and the birds roost on the base and nibble on the seeds. It starts out looking like this:

That's a full (new) cylinder of seed. I'm mighty proud I managed to capture papa cardinal, too!

As the birds work on the seed, you can see where they work:

I have short birds. Look at the guy on the right in this next photo:

He's stre-e-e-e-e-etching his poor neck to where he's likely to choke! Can't have that!

Oh, check out that bird on the left. Isn't he handsome?

My apologies to the bird on the right. You're handsome, too.

So to save them from their shortness, I do this:

Seed cylinder has been flipped, and the birds are once again happy.

In other news, tomorrow is the big reveal of my new blog feature. Y'all come back now, you hear?

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  1. I get to see the birds on our feeders out my craft window, but I am looking down on them from the second story. I love the cardinals, we have 4 pair that visit regularly. A few blue jays as well. Its a never ending nature show out there with the squirrels and deer as well. Enjoyed your pictures Leslie, though I may have caught a bit of a chill seeing that snow on the feeder. Looking forward to your reveal tomorrow.

  2. Ha, wonderful pictures, and good for you looking out for the short birds!
    Your snow sure melted fast, from the first to last picture!

  3. Finding myself living in the vertically challenged category, I applaud the kindness shown to your little birds!

  4. Great pictures! Where did you get that feeder? I think my boys would like looking at that out the window.

  5. ooooh! You get pretty birds! Also hilarious that they eat it crooked. They must know you live there :P

  6. So sweet of you to be considerate of the birds. I don't feed my birds that much. They make the backyard a big mess (seed shells, poop, feathers...). I feel bad when the weather is real shit and make sure to feed them then. We have a resident desert pack rat too that will raid the bird feeder. He's a cutie, like a fat gerbil with bigger ears.

  7. Cool pics! Brilliant flip! Thanks for sharing. ♥


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