Wednesday, January 7, 2015

WOYWW Jan 7, 2015

Today I decided to play in this week's WOYWW link-up, where we shamelessly share the current condition of our work desks and show our fellow crafters our work-in-progress.

Here's my desk as of a few moments ago:

I won't do the numbers today, just words.  Front and center is my current project: my attempt to use a floral builder set. I've stamped, I've layered colors, and I eventually die-cut all of it. I'm not feeling the love. It may never happen.

Other items of interest ... Top left corner of the desk is my pile of challenges I'm currently hoping to do. The center blockage is the top of my desk lamp, with pieces of clothing tags washi-taped to it. I use those to keep my Glossy Accents from clogging, and it mostly works. I so rarely shop for clothing, I need to save the tags I do have so I can find them when I need them.

Top right of the desk is my usual collection of must-have tools. This stuff goes with me when I take my desk on the road.

Bottom right is a growing pile of OH, RATS things that didn't work, but that don't actually qualify as UFOs (Un-Finished Objects). I need to work on that pile.

Also today, I'm sharing my current ghetto photo studio set-up. I have a photo tent, but I can't seem to get the light right, so I use this instead:

This is a small drop-leaf table in my kitchen that I put into the corner. I have two floor lamps* I aim at the back, where I have a few different papers I use as back-drops. At the front edge of the table are three background stamps I use to support my camera. My hands are too shaky to do this any other way.  (Thanks to Laura Bassen for showing us her photo set-up!)

Just to the right of this table is a french door with lots of light on a sunny day. And that stool in front? I sit on it to take the photos. I'm too old to just bend over and expect to stand up ever again.

That's it for the sharing. Thanks for stopping by!

* Why yes, there is still plastic on those floor lamps. I've had them for years, and just couldn't be bothered to take it off. It's nowhere near the bulb, so there's no risk of fire. I'm good.


  1. Thanks for sharing your photo setup. I need to get a better way to do it.

  2. Love your photo corner!!! Thanks for sharing. ♥

  3. You've got plenty to keep you busy & hope you get all your challenge's done. Happy woywwJill #10

  4. Well. Shit. Now I have to go buy a clothes to try out the clothing tag thing to see if it helps the glossy accents any. Love the mess. Don't love that it ain't happening. I'm impressed with the photo set up. I had a good enough set up for my old camera but this newer one doesn't like it... the lighting or something. Or it could be the camera. I get an enormous amount of lousy pictures from it. I don't think it is all me. When I first blogged a lot of my photos were done outside. Much nicer lighting conditions. Might have to go back to that... when it warms up.

  5. I was looking at that washi tape on the lamp and smiling, because that's just what I would do with left over pieces and then you tell me it actually serves a purpose!? Not cool, now I am the only one left that sticks random pieces of washi in random places!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #22

  6. I was looking at the names on the challenge and spotted yours so had to see if your desk looks worse than mine....alas I win but you won't see a picture. I have the pile of sketch challenges I want to get to piled up and my current DT card in progress. I don't use much washi tape and very happy if there is a challenge using it. I had to go buy some the first time. Now I have lots.

  7. So sorry you're frustrated with the flowers. Perhaps come back to it another time?? They turn out so pretty when you get them lined up just right! :D

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #33


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