Thursday, September 10, 2015

Enjoy the Ride

Do you ever start making a card based on an idea, then it turns into something else completely? Yeah, that's what happened here:

I started trying to follow my current CSSC sketch, with the sky at the top and ... something else at the bottom. But the sky grew, and it started to diverge from the sketch.

Hills, it needed hills. So I cut two colors of green card stock and made hills. Now I had hills and sky.

This is where messy desks come in handy. I sat there and looked around, when I spied a rogue wood veneer bike, left over from my Tour de Craft month in July. I'm telling you: neat people miss out on SO much.

I colored the bike with a red Copic and attached it to the hills. I am not in this picture, as I don't do hills, but someone is having a nice bike ride.

The sentiment is part of a sentiment from an old MFT stamp set. I just cut off the last three words. I'm quite happy to dissect stamps if I'm more likely to use them. If you make single, clean cuts (no trimming!) the stamps can easily be reassembled.

I'm happy with how this turned out, even if it slipped away from the sketch. Sometimes cards take on lives of their own.

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  1. probably quicker in my case to ask, "do you ever start doing one thing, do it completely in a straight line and then stop?" tho i can save you the trouble b/c NO!!!!!!!!! i do love it when those times lead to something as AWESOME as this card, tho! ♥♥♥

  2. When I chop up greeting stamps I often put an angle in the cut or something so that you can tell when it is lined up again nicely in the event you ever want to use the saying whole again. I like this card--so fresh and outdoorsy! no allergies.

  3. I don't do hills either, and my bike is blue, since I couldn't find the perfect red one. And what Princess Judy said — this is so perfectly fresh and outdoorsy without needing to break into a sweat.


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