Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Steampunk, Huh?

The current challenge at Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers is Punk ... Steampunk:

I am about 20 years too old to know what Steampunk even is, so please be gentle with me. I was playing and futzing and WTHing, and this came out:

See? Clueless. No laughing. The background was influenced by a video Sandy Allnock made for her current Go for the Gold free class series. The first day was on Ellen Hutson's site. In that first demo, she put a thin layer of gold Modeling Creme onto some card stock, then stamped in it to make a pattern. I don't have Modeling Creme, but I do have gold embossing paste. I attempted to put down a thin coating, and then pressed the Hero Arts clock background into it. I don't think my embossing paste was thin enough, and the whole thing was goopy. I scraped most of it off, and started over. This is my 3rd background, and I called it good enough. It dried overnight.

After it dried, I decided it was too shiny, so I went over it with my Distress Paint Walnut Stain dauber. The color stuck in the recesses and I wiped it off the surface. That dirtied it up a bit.

Now, what to put on the background. I pulled out my Dylusions Pondering Petunia stamps that I had to have, and have maybe used once, then stamped the face and the legs onto a piece of Kraft card stock. I fussy-cut them, and then minimally colored them with gel pens. Black for the shoes and lips, purple for the hat's dots, and black & purple for the hair. Yes, it's weird. And yes, I was going for the disembodied look. ;)

I added a strip of card stock to anchor the legs. I drew in the lines (they are crooked, can't you tell?) and added some silver gel pen to the intersections of the lines.

Sentiment. Clueless. I pulled out my Paper Smooches Slang Gang set and used "yo!". I have no idea if that's Steampunk or Hipster, but it's Steampunk now!

That's all I've got, people. Remember to respect your elders, and please don't shun me. I tried.

Oh, a story, sortof related. Almost 20 years ago (maybe only 16 .. which is almost 20), my kids and I were in FL, hanging out at the edge of the pool, trying to stay cool. An older male teen walked by with pierced nipples, and there were chains hooked to the loops in his nipples, and the other end of the chain was somewhere inside his swim trunks.

My kids just watched him walk by, then all three of us soundlessly looked at each other, making "OW OW OW WTH?!" faces. They later said that I don't need to worry about them, as they would never, ever do that themselves. Then they shuddered (I have good kids :)). Now, was that kid's get-up Steampunk? It would make a fun card, eh?

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Hero Arts clock background (must be really old - I can't find it on the Hero Arts site), SU Kraft and Basic Black card stock, Hero Arts Metallic Decor - silver, Sakura Bright Colors gel pens, Sakura Glittering gel ink pens, and the following:


  1. You captured steampunk on this cool card, and I just love that background! Just one question, I see her head and legs, but where's the rest of her? LOL

  2. Yo is totes steampunk (it is what you make it!)
    I love the disembodied lady and all the clocks in the background, that's all you really need to achieve steampunk right? Timepieces and an element of WTH
    Thanks for playing along with the sisterhood for our P is for (steam)punk challenge!

  3. Well I have no clue as to what Steampunk is either. Your background turned out so nicely, love it. It looks like you probably captured the idea based on the comments!

  4. Dear Elderly Lady, Back in my day we would refer to that young man with the piercings as just punk. We didn't have none of that 'steampunk' business! Hrmph!

  5. Anyway, it has clocks and gear and clocks and weirdness and clocks so that makes it steampunk in my eye! It is a fun card. Love that face stamp. Definitely a cool element of WTH.

  6. So loving your take on the Steampunk theme! That background looks amazing, and love the disembodied chica! Thanks for stepping, no, leaping outside your comfort zone and attacking the Steampunk challenge at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers!

    P.S. That gruesomely pierced weirdo was more like S&M, rather than Steampunk! LOL! RUN AWAY!

  7. Ooh, something new to try with my HA clocks background! I love that stamp, and tried to use it for my Steampunk card, too. Not this time. In my vast experience of making, what, THREE steampunk cards, I say you nailed it. Glad you joined the Snarky Sister fun!

  8. Love how your background came together! That guy must have seriously liked pain...ow! Thanks for joining in the fun at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers!

  9. Awesome background, I hope to become as adventurous to try some backgrounds like yours. Fabulous job of the P is for Punk (steampunk) challenge at the Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers.


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