Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My VLVS Haul

I don't usually do haul posts. Personally, I think it's bragging, especially for the people who can't afford to shop like others can. If I get something new, I'll let you know when I use it. Hey, it's how I am.

However, I wanted to talk about the shopping experience at Viva Las Vegas Stamps. I love their stamps. I've found some awesome irreverence there, not to mention a full pint of clear embossing powder (no longer available, I don't think, sorry).

The shopping experience needs to be explained for the uninitiated. VLVS has a bazillion stamps in their catalog, maybe two bazillion, and they are listed alphabetically. That's right: alphabetically. So unless you know the name of the stamp you seek, you'll be scrolling for hours. The only advantage of this situation is you see other stamps you didn't know you needed. heh heh

One major change that saved me is their new categories. They at least have Words as a category, so your endless scrolling is only through sentiments, not images.

My screenshot of the last page didn't work out, sadly, but here is one from near the beginning, just to give you an idea:

Please note the number on the left in the handsome red circle. Yep, 4255 images. I was scrolling at 25 per page, people, We're talking hours. However, if you'd like some amazing snark, you just plan an afternoon and do it.

I only got like five (okay, eight) stamps since I already have a ton of them. I think my favorite find many years ago was a sentiment that says: "Sometimes I wish I were a monkey so I could throw poop at people and it would be legal." That one went right into my basket, and I wondered out loud if they had an image of a monkey. They do.

Oh, what the heck, time for a card:

I have had these VLVS stamps for many, many years. I struggled with how to use them on a card, when one of my SU customers (Hi, BettyT!) suggested I make a beautiful card so people wouldn't expect snark, then BAM! And you know, it worked. At one of my farmers markets, a customer said, "Oh, what a pretty card!". Then she read it and said "Oh." She put it right back. HA! It was always a big seller, though.

What did I get this time? These:

I get them cling-mounted (you have options), so I need to make an index so know what I have. I stuck all of them to a large acrylic block and stamped them. Sorry about the photo quality, but I think you can read them. You'll see these soon, I'm sure.

So if you have a LOT of patience, dedicate an afternoon to scroll through their store. I will say the categories help, and the search function works really well. Both the sentiment and monkey image came up when I searched for "monkey". Just beware the "Naughty" category. Some are X-rated, and you have to click through the warning to see the image. No, I didn't.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: Here's the sentiment, and here's the monkey stamp.


  1. VLVS is a favourite of mine! I first discovered them when I learned they had an entire rubber sheet of Doctor Who stamps. (Oops, my geek side is showing.) They are a very handy company if you happen to make snarky cards once in a while. And you know I'm a big fan of disguising snark on a pretty card. :) And yours is deceptively pretty.

  2. VLVS has the best stamps. I went to their small little place when I was in Vegas once. So much wonderful goodness. Yes, their online catalog can take you hours and yes you can drop a bundle.They have fun stamps but then you don't always know who you can mail them too. I used to have a secretary stamp by VLVS and she had paperwork all over her desk, the phone cord wrapped around everything, the phone in her ear and her middle finger proudly raised. I don't remember modeling for it, but there you have it. The first person I sent it to missed the snark and thought I was flipping them off. They are the kind of people that make you wish you were a monkey.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on VLVS! I may have visited that site years ago, but had long forgotten about it until I read your blog post today! Now my curiosity has gotten the best of me! I've gotta go check them out :) Fun card with that monkey too Hah!

  4. A classically Leslie card (and you know I adore her!)


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