Friday, September 25, 2015

Night Skies

During last weekend's crafty play date, I did a lot of sitting around, wondering what to work on. We do that a lot when we get together. There was also a lot of "oooooh, I could maybe ...". Some of it even worked! :) Playing is good, and FUN, especially when the others are just playing, too. You learn by doing.

One of the things on my list to get better at (does that make sense? Let's try again ...) One of the techniques I've been meaning to work on (better?) is night skies. I've played a bit with the powdered pigments, but I'm still not feeling the love. I may be more of a Distress Ink person.

So I used a few Distress inks and blended two backgrounds on water color paper. Why water color? I dunno. Maybe since I had no plan, I thought I might flick it with water.

Here's one of the cards, then I'll explain:

I had the two colored backgrounds done, and was pondering what to do with them. My pal at the next table was squeeing, a lot. Turns out she was using Viva Glitter Paste, which is embossing paste with glitter in it. I'm not big on glitter, but I thought it would look cool for stars. I found my other pal's stencils, grabbed the Simon Says Stamp Falling Stars stencil, and applied the glitter paste. Very cool!

Here it is up close and personal:

I like that the ink colors show through the stars.

For the other background, I used plain old boring pearlescent embossing paste:

and a close-up, because I can:

It's still very cool, but in a different way. And they are opaque.

So I had two UFOs to take home with me. Earlier this week, I got a clue as to what to do with them. I thought a black cat on a wall, looking at the sky would be nice, so that's what I did. I used the Impression Obsession Distressed Brick background stamp and originally stamped it in Schoolhouse Red. Blech. So I cleaned the stamp and stamped it again in Simon Says Stamp Smoke ink. Apparently I hadn't cleaned off all the red ink (red is so pesky!), but I kinda like the result.

I cut the background into pieces and put a strip onto each of the sky panels.  I stamped the cats in black on a remnant of white card stock and cut them out. I sat them on top of the brick walls using foam tape.

You may notice the first card has a much smaller white border than the second one. That's because I suffered from a bit of "cut your own bangs" syndrome. Every time I trimmed  bit off one side of the panel, I'd notice the other side was still bigger, so I'd trim that one a bit. Repeat, over and over. Sigh.

I finally mounted the two panels onto Hero Arts note cards. One of the few times you'll see me use purple.

Wow, three total cards from an 8-hour stampy session. Kinda sad. I'll see if any of my other UFOs from the session are usable, and I'll be sure to share. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: I linked below to the Viva Decor Holo Iridescent paste, but I'm pretty sure my pal's paste was clear.


  1. Love the kitty gazing at those fabulous skies.

  2. Those backgrounds are gorgeous. I like the glittery embossing paste for the stars,

  3. I think that the fact you got any cards done during a play session is wonderful. I don't find them too production for completed or even started projects. Love the cards, but those glittery stars are SQUEE!

  4. These are beautiful! I can be at home on my own for eight hours and not get three cards out of it, so you should be patting yourself on the back. ;) Im glad you were able to show purple a little love, too.


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