Monday, September 21, 2015

Sending Hugs

I had a crafty play date on Saturday. My pal has a great craft room, and I usually just bring the "use it all the time" stuff from my craft desk. She has everything else.

In the eight hours that we crafted, I made one card. One. I also played a lot and made a bunch of card fronts, some of which might even be salvageable. Even though I didn't finish a lot of cards, I did get a lot of "what if I tried this?" play time, which takes a lot off my mental list. Always a good thing.

The other benefit of using someone else's craft room is you get to use their stamps and dies. We have different tastes, so she always has stuff I don't have.  Like the Penny Black die I used to make this (my only finished card):

Hmmm, you can see everywhere I missed coloring. Drat.

The die cuts out the rectangle in the base, as well as the framed floral piece. I colored the floral piece with Copics, then on another piece of white card stock I blended two colors of Distress ink. Then I stuck the two panels together and glued the floral piece into the frame. The sentiment is from Lawn Fawn.

I wanted to put this onto a green card base, but my pal said she'd like it better on white, so the floral image popped more. I over-rode her and put it on green anyway. I just won't send it to her. HA (kidding).

The rest of the time was spent playing with embossing pastes and water color powders. I'll alert you if I ever use one of them on a card.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: Lawn Fawn Sending Hugs (must be retired or a thank-you stamp, or something), Copics (R05, R17, Y18, YG03, YG17), and the following:


  1. ok, i don't see any missed areas... i just see a gorgeous watercolor!!!!!!!!!!!!! & i really LOVE this! (ps for the record: i don't think i've ever gotten finished bits from a crafty play date... i just love th social part and the essperiments; especially getting to try out stuff i don't have to see if i "need" it!)

  2. Sweet card, and I don't see uncolored bits either. A crafty playdate sounds fab.

  3. That's a rather neat card.... you know, for no stamping. Actually I'm just giving you shit. Who cares if it is stamped or not. It is cool. I rarely accomplish things from play dates.

  4. Play dates... great for making *stuff*, but rarely for getting a card done start to finish, I find. So good on you for getting one done! Such a pretty one, too. I think I'm with you on the green card base. ;)


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