Monday, September 14, 2015

Lost in Pasteland, Part Second

As promised in my previous post, I now bring you some Ferro cards.

My favorite stencil to use with paste isn't even a stencil. It's a full-card background die from Lil' Inker. I cut it out of card stock and use it as a stencil. Because the die is so detailed, it took me forever to poke out all the parts-is-parts, so I planned to re-use the same stencil for all my cards. My mama didn't raise any fools.

I made all the panels, then added the colored card stock layers later.

Here is the first card, then I'll explain:

This was made with Turquoise Ferro, my favorite of all my colors of the stuff. Unfortunately, even though I did manage to spread the paste over the stencil, it was very thick and difficult to use. Sadly, this bottle/jar is now trash. Yeah, I may have been able to save it by adding a little water, but that smelled like work, and I wasn't in the mood.

While that panel was drying, I waited for the stencil to dry so I could use it for another color. It dries pretty fast.  Here is the next card I made:

This uses the Celtic Ferro, and it was smooooooth as silk to use. Here's my attempt to show you how thick it is:

It's got a little grit to it, which makes it interesting.

Then I tried to use the paper stencil a third time ... no go. What a mess. It was too warped and paste got under the stencil, so I had to trash that one. Seems like two uses is the limit with this wet paste.

Next I used a different (real) stencil and my Steel Blue Ferro to make this:

And I think you can see the grit in this photo:

I think both Ferro and colored embossing paste have their places. It's nice that Ferro is already colored, but I kindof like coloring my own paste. I'm sure it's a control thing. I will say the Graphite Ferro makes a mean stone wall, like I did here.  And the embossing paste isn't at risk of exploding like the Ferro did. ;/  I know, I have no sense of adventure.

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Stuff I used: Spellbinders Pinking Circles dies, SU Taken With Teal card stock, SU Basic Black card stock, and the following:


  1. These turned out great. I've never tried the Ferro.

  2. loooooooooooove these! LOVE these!!!

    ps: *if* you can get dies to cut thru (which... it depends on the die, the sandwich, etc) inkjet transparency or a laminated piece of thin index stock (via xyron) make a more permanent stencil; also glossy cardstock/coated cereal box type thing is easier to cut and will work for a few times. there's actual stencil film, too, but it's pricey and better for inks than for paste (b/c it's not v thick; you don't get much height out of the paste) sorry. just wrote a book in yer comments :0

  3. The Ferro looks wonderful. I like making stencils out of dies, and I was thinking the same thing as Lauren - cut a stencil from acetate/transparency. It wouldn't be as thick, but you could reuse it.

  4. I've never even heard of Ferro before. It seems like the stencil paste crowd should be falling all over. But maybe it is the coloring your own paste thing that makes stencil paste more popular. These are nifty cards. I like the added texture in the Ferro.

  5. How do you _know_ embossing paste won't explode? You didn't know Ferro would explode... until it did. You're welcome. So I say you just need to use all of it more! The Ferro looks like great textural fun, and love the cards you've made with the different colours.


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