Monday, September 7, 2015

Just Playing

I have so many ideas in my head, I finally stepped into the craft room Sunday to see what I could actually create. If you're like me, you watch a bazillion crafty videos and how-tos, and you read blogs and add things to your "Must Try" list. Then, when you finally sit down to play, it all runs together in your brain and you implode a little.

That's my excuse for this card:

This is likely a combination of:

1. Channeling Laura Bassen with the rainbow thing
2. Channeling Laura Bassen with the "using dye inks to distress" thing
3. Remembering this card from Jennifer McGuire, but choosing a different option

and probably a few other influences.

In Jennifer's post, she stamped the background image with white pigment ink and let it dry, then inked over it. When I first saw her sneak peek of the card on Instagram, I thought it was embossed. And embossing was an option she mentions in her video, so I was all set there. I ain't waitin' for no ink to dry.

So I stamped the Hero Arts background stamp in Versamark and clear-embossed it. This made it not so white-white as if I'd used white embossing powder.

Then I took a piece of painters tape and put it diagonally over the background. Starting from the tape, I used a blender tool to apply the colors of dye ink. I did it heavier at the edge of the tape and lighter as I got close to the previous color. This mostly worked, until I got done with the purple and started in again with the red. I didn't clean off the tape, so some purple got mixed in with the red. Oh, wait, I meant to do that! (I was NOT starting over.)

I die-cut the sentiment from a remnant of black and added it to the card front.

It's pretty busy, but it's done, and out of my head, so maybe I'll sleep better tonight.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stuff I used: vat of clear embossing powder, Hero Arts Branch background stamp, Elizabeth Craft double-sided adhesive (for the sentiment), SU black card stock, Impression Obsession Strip Words die, and the following:


  1. Ain't no waiting for ink to dye for this gal either ... love the colors.

  2. Waiting for ink to dry...pfffffft...who does that??? This card is awesome, I love all the colours!

  3. Ain't nobody got time for ink dryin'. I love how this turned out, it's beautful.

  4. This is a fantastic card. Love the rainbow effect.

  5. That dark to light inking makes it look 3D. Cool.

  6. Excuse? Why would you need an EXCUSE for this loveliness?? It's pretty cool and super bright!

  7. again, i'm actually thrilled to hear someone else say they sometimes have TOO MANY ideas in their head; that happens to me a lot. i really like this, tho, i think it really does take the best of all those different things and kind of synthesizes them into an UBERcard. plus: RAINBOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  8. For some reason this card makes me think of a puffy (and soft) quilt. I really like it. When I have that many ideas and crafting thoughts flying around my head like that I usually go read a book.

  9. You totally meant to do that... you didn't want no matchy-matchy reds. :D I would have embossed, too. And in clear. You ended up with a great card! And not just in your head, even better. ;)

  10. love this look, I too thought JM's was embossed when I first saw it. Great selection of colors.


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