Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bull Dogs, and A Plea

I had occasion two weekends ago to visit a place where the owner was into bull dogs. Like seriously into them. Not only has he owned them for years, his entire house is decorated with bull dog art and trinkets and pillows and stained glass and... and ... well, look at the dude on the front porch:

Seriously. So I thought I'd take my virgin bull dog stamp that I just needed to have (you stampers know how that goes, am I right?) and introduce it to some ink! And I made a card - no really, I did! Lookie!

Oh, my, the two dogs are off center, aka: crooked. Imagine that. And yes, when I bought the bull dog stamp, I picked up one or six coordinating sentiments. Well, I had to, didn't I?

The background paper is part of a piece of 12x12 paper from my still-mostly-full pack of pet papers that I will never in my lifetime use up. But in an attempt to make myself feel a tiny bit better, I hacked the one piece into enough pieces for 9 cards, even though I only made one. Sad, isn't it?

In other news, one of the peeps I follow on Twitter is @GrammarGirl. Surprise (not). Today she hit us with something that still has our heads spinning. You've heard of double-negatives, right? Where using two negatives together in a sentence actually negate each other to where you have a positive statement? Like this: "I don't have nothing." This actually means you do have something. Red Pen persons, such as myself, strike through double-negatives with abandon. We hate intensely dislike them.

Today, @GrammarGirl hit us with a triple-negative. No, really, and when asked for an example, she shared not one, but two. Our heads are still spinning, and I feel a little sick to my stomach. Hold on ... are you ready?

Triple-negative #1:
"The judge refused not to oppose bail." <-- I think this means he did oppose the bail.

Triple-negative #2: "I cannot but fail to agree with you less." <-- I am not sure WHAT this means...

So, is your head spinning yet? Please, I beg of you, under no circumstances are you to ever, ever use a triple-negative in a sentence. If you do, I will hunt you down and edit your document. Oh, and if you can figure out what those phrases/sentences mean, please feel free to comment. Actually, please feel free to comment anyway; you know how we bloggers live for comments. :-)

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  1. Good Lord! I hope you don;t follow anyone who is called @spellinggirl??? Just sayin....
    Love the card!!! Make more pet cards...people like them :-)

  2. I would never use a triple negative - they are too hard to think up! Wow.

  3. how on earth am i only finding out now that you have a bulldog stamp? seriously?
    Wrigley is mad now.

  4. i cannot but fail to NOT agree with you less on the subject of triple negatives. (& QUADRUPLE ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :) :) :)

    on the other hand, i actually *DO* completely refuse to oppose bulldog cards, especially ones as cute as your example! at least i think i do. or don't. or whichever one means, "i like the bulldog card very much!"

    i think i may need to lie down now and contemplate words of one syllable. ♥


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