Saturday, March 6, 2010


I MADE A CARD! I MADE A CARD! What? Surprised? Well *I* am. I've been stuck on the same card for three days, without enough sense in my brain to set it aside (read: add it to the UFO pile) and move on. This morning, while trolling for ideas for next week's Stamp Camps, I saw enough to inspire me to make this:

It took me at least 5 minutes, too. That's one thing I love about this craft... you work, and slave and trash, and start over, and start again, and trash and start again, and sometimes you just have to give it up. But then there's cards like this one that restore the faith and make me go back in for another round. I LOVE when that happens!

The great thing about this card is (1) it uses the Sweet Pea felt flowers, and I bought 3 packs of them, so I'm glad I'll actually be using them, and (2) I think I might even have enough of that Sweet Pea patterned paper to go around.

Only one more card to go to have all four projects for next weekend. I'm struggling with the round treat cups. I want to use them because I bought three packages of them and I want them GONE. Plus, I bought six packages of the padded envelopes to include in the Stamp Camp kits, because I just knew I'd figure out a project in time, so now I really need to get a clue. I'm open for suggestions...

In other news, there is no other news. I am still woefully behind in my list of projects, so to avoid a whinefest on such an awesome SUNNY day, I think I'll take my leave now and go try to be productive.

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  1. HA!! I so identify and just did the same thing. Thank you for the term "UFO pile"!!

    I LOVE this card - isn't that paper wonderful?

    Check SCS for treat cups ideas - I've seen some adorable stuff lately on my gallery stalks.

  2. Oooh I really love this card!! So bright & cheery. May have to do something very similar for my upcoming flower class!

  3. i love this paper! i want to teach a class LOL

  4. Pea LOVE that card!!! Are those Sweet Pea flowers? And I to assume they cam pre-stitched or are you sewing now? Whatev, it is LOVELY!!!

  5. That's a beautiful card. I would be delighted to receive something so lovely on my birthday!

    I especially like the stitched details on the flowers.

  6. Love the card. And kudos to you for actually USING the sweet pea flower. I've got a stash myself and am saving them for 'just in case'. You know how that goes.


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