Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated ...

Just so you know I'm still on the planet, I thought I'd show you I actually made two cards. TWO!

Here's the black peacock feather thingie finally attached to a card base:

(Yeah, there's a bit of glare and bad contrast with the background going on here. Please, just look away.)

... and the corner so you can see my incredible doodling (not):

And here is the first card I made from my dissected piece of Graphic 45 paper:

It was pretty easy, and this piece is now an engagement card. That section of my inventory is mighty thin, so this should help me out for the upcoming season.

Speaking of which, I am running out of time, and it's only March. My March show was canceled, which you'd think would give me time to catch up, but instead I have accomplished n-o-t-h-i-n-g. I have my March workshops on the 14th & 15th, and I need to have 4 SU-Only cards made up ... so far I have 1 1/2. THEN, I have a show at the end of April, and my markets start up the first Saturday in May. GAH! That's too close! Double-GAH! AND, I have a commission for some cards for a charity I have been putting off making since LAST SUMMER! My, goodness, it's amazing those people are still speaking to me. Little did they know when they said, "Oh, lots of time." that they were dealing with the Queen of Creative Avoidance. I need to fix that.

I'm off to try and make some more cards with the rest of the Graphic 45 paper. Right now they are cluttering the remaining 6x6 space on the Captain's Table, so that should inspire me to use them. Let us pray.

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  1. Nice! i like the colours of that feathery card - striking! That Graphic 45 paper is so pretty... I don't have any (yet!).

  2. Ooh both are awesome but I LOVE those peacock feathers! So chic!

  3. Ya know, while it's great to see what you've been making, I gotta tell ya that I read your blog as much for the odd ways you put things than for any other reason... I love the title of this post, for example, and that you consider yourself "The Queen of Creative Avoidance" (can I be the Princess?) And I totally can identify with much of what you say and how you say it (I only remember quirky - facts are of zero interest to me, therefore, do not stick to the gray matter of my Odd Brain). Love that you ended with "let us pray". Rock on, darlin'!


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