Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Lotta Tulips

More Spring! This card serves two purposes. First, it meets the latest I Want Candy - Enjoy The Little Things Colour Challenge over at Prairie Paperie. Second, it will be one of the four projects for my April Stamp Camps.


Yeah, it's a little busy, but that's only because I messed up on a few things, and it got busier as I fixed them. FYI - The card was totally stolen from inspired by this one, though my fleurs are a much-simpler version of hers. Since I was using so many different colors because Dreena's list of colors is so stinkin' long, I opted to not apply shadows or use a darker color for the back petal. Let's look at those tulips, shall we?

It all starts with this punch:

I used the wing shape for the petals and the leaf shape for the stems. Punch 3 wings from your color of choice:

Here I have the blue ones I mistakenly punched thinking Dreena's loooooong list of required colors included blue, but I was mistaken, so these became my demo wings.

Notice how I have the bottom two with the shaped part facing each other? That makes a nice little frame on the front of the flower. I stuck them together with a mini glue dot:

Then I just stuck the third petal behind them with another glue dot:

I stuck that to the green stem, covering up the top two leaves:

This gave it some stability, and also lets the bottom leaves look like they frame the flower.

I also switched the stems so some faced the other direction:

I used the Ornament punch to make the vase - I just lopped off the point on the bottom. I positioned the stems while looking at the vase from the front and taped them down, then I put a bazillion Dimensionals on the back:


It looked nekkid, so I thought I'd add two green wings/petals as leaves:

But THEN, OMG, I realized the grievous error of my ways. I went to my stash of Every Color SU Card Stock and retrieved a piece of Almost Amethyst to use as the base (Have you ever seen me use Amethyst? Nuh-uh.) which is when I realized I'd used Pale Plum for the purple flower instead of Amethyst. ACK! Well, I was, after all, working out of a dimly-lit box of every color scraps, so I could be forgiven for this boo-boo, but nooooooo, I wanted to do it right, so to fill in those spaces, I punched more petals and stems and ended up with this:

Yep, that's how I roll. I'm not sure The Ladies will need to make all of these flowers, even though *I* did in order to meet the stinkin' loooooooong list of colors in the challenge. (Oh, Hi, Dreena. *waves*)

That's it for today. I need to go finish up my (cover your eyes, Dreena) taxes and maybe do some other delinquent paperwork around here.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ooooh! Love! And how is it i don't have that punch yet? What is WRONG with me?

  2. ok, i ♥LOVE♥ this card, it's extremely beautiful and VERY VERRRRRRY clever!

    (but my #1 feeling looking at this is "awwwwwww! leslie thinks this is *BUSY*!!!!!!!!!!!") (hehehehe!) (AMATEUR!!!) :) :) :)

    (& clearly i was way off base thinkin' you'd still NEED ideas for the next SC, missus impressively preparedypants!!!)

  3. Oooh, I love it! so cute! Makes me wish I had that punch! :P


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