Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project #4 (YES!)

I've been on a mission for about three weeks to CASE this card, and finally (FINALLY!) I made something I didn't feel like immediately throwing into the recycle pile. Check it out:

I used Inspired by Nature instead of the Hostess set used in the original one, plus I liked that I could add the punched pieces to make them cat tails. Are cat tails a Spring-y plant? Hmmm, well they are now!

I sponged the whole sky with Bashful Blue and a scallop circle to make the clouds. I really like how that turned out! I used a treat cup left over from a failed Winter project, and I'll pick up some pretty bulk candy this week for The Ladies to use.

Oh, and to make everyone's life a little easier, I first filled the treat cup, then stuck a piece of acetate to the back of it to hold the sweets in place. That gives you the freedom to futz with it as much as you want and not have to deal with keeping the candy inside. I think what was holding me up until now was my desire to also have the candy accessible with a magic slider on the inside of the card, and that just wasn't working for me. So for now, we'll make this one.

I think I may also suggest they put the circle punch-out under their bonnets so none of the white shows through the candy like you can see on my sample.

Wow, it's not even noon on the Sunday before my Stamp Camp weekend, and I have all four projects designed. That's different. Maybe I'll work on my taxes today. Or maybe not. I feel the need to stamp something else. I'll report back on how my day goes. ;-)

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  1. Very adorable! I really love that touch of blue. And what a cute idea for the candy! Yum!

  2. What a great idea! This would make a great "guy" card, too! :)


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