Thursday, March 18, 2010

color memeage

Major FAIL in the card-making arena tonight. I couldn't even do a 100% CASE. Sigh. So to let you know I am still alive (and I just know you were worried about me), I decided to post a meme. One of my Tweeps, @MariAdkins, posted a meme on her blog and I commented, so I get to do one now.

Comment on this entry if you want to play along and I will give you a color, or just pick a color and go with it - I won't tell anyone. I'm supposed to list ten things that I like/love that are my assigned color, and Mari gave me orange. ORANGE! I begged her for green, so she gave me orange. Okay, ten things I like/love that are orange:

1. Naval oranges
2. My "This IS my costume" button I wear every October 31st.
3. Fall/Autumn leaves
4. Pumpkins
5. Um ...
6. Er ....
7. Cheddar cheese (not from Wisconsin)
8. My XL baggy sweatshirt
9. Ugh ...
10. (I give up)

OMG, I can't even do a stinkin' meme! Sigh. I am a mess. I need help.

Must be time for bed. I am stepping away from the laptop, and going to bed now. Really, I am.

I hope you come back some time when I have actually been crafty. *watches the numbers drop in readership ...*

Sorry about that.


  1. OMG I wear that exact same button every Halloween too

  2. haha, that is sooo funny. I think that's a great post and about as many as I could think of for orange. LOL. Following your blog now, too.

  3. You forgot orange sherbet, creamsicles, and, uh, oh heck that's all I can think of. But now I want a creamsicle.

  4. OMG ! Give me green and I'll start a blog.
    honest I will !

    oh and I loved your oranges ! especially #5 and

  5. omg! give me green and I'll start a blog I prommise!!!!!


  6. Oh and I loved your #5 and #6 oranges.

    too funny

    ( "ugh" is orange )


  7. The #2 s above were me BR#2 .....not #2 on your list

    Gimme Green Pleeeeease


  8. I didn't know giving up was orange?!
    Can I have blue?? LOL

  9. Six out of ten?? You got six out of ten??

    Just kidding - that's why I don't do memes. Your entry is hilarious! And your readership is growing, not dwindling. As I post this, there are 9 comments here already. Except that BR#2 seems a bit loopy, so I'm not sure if all those comments count. :-)

  10. duuuuuuude! it's *SO* been that kind of week! and anyway--ORANGE...! i'm impressed that you got SIX!!! (except now, thanks to tom, i want a creamsicle too.) #9!!!!!!!!! (ugh!) :)

  11. Possibly (or was that maybe?) No.4 here from the planet Zog where I've been in hiding, but still reading every post you do to make my life worthwhile.
    This is sooooooooo funny
    What about carrots I ask?????
    and orange ice lollies or do you call them something else.???
    AND Mangoes...yummy!
    It's Naval oranges for me too, I love the little baby inside Aw!!!!
    Well back to my den I will end my hybernation when the summer comes.
    By the way I bought that SU choc bunny stamp after I saw your card....soooperb Jxxxxx

  12. oh, I LOVE orange... orange & green! together! Give me a colour!!

  13. tiger lilies!
    black eyed susans
    mandarin oranges
    fall leaves

    and i'm late, but can i play too. gimma a color, any color...


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