Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Floral Birthday

Yes, sir, it only took me THREE days to make this card. And it started out as a total CASE of this one. I can't even 100% steal something within three days... I haven't lost just my mojo, I've lost my touch!

So finally, after staring at this thing all day today while I worked on my (cover your ears, Dreena) taxes, I finally got a clue and changed up the base layers to create this:

I gave up on the layering in an effort to avert a mutiny during my Stamp Camps, and I replaced her white & olive layers with just the Pretty In Pink layer. I am, of course, out of any appropriate color pack of DSP to use instead, and though I thought about an expedited order to save myself, I decided plain pink would work.

I ended up using markers to color the flowers, and though this was my last choice, I think it was the easiest option to execute. Prior to this, my failed attempts included ink + blender pen and also Watercolor Wonder Crayons + water, both on watercolor paper, which I love, but (surprise) don't have enough of to go around even if it did work. (Another reason for an expedited order was averted!)

I also skipped her black contraband bling and opted for the SU black marker to color the centers of the flowers:

I call it a Good Demo moment. Also notice the shading I did around the flowers with the much-ignored Going Grey marker. I think it helped to ground the flowers a little.

During the wet experimental stages, I made up this handy-dandy water container:

It's an empty Flower Soft container, which comes with a screw-top lid. I put a little water in it, and when I'm finished with it, I can cover it and set it aside (read: bury it somewhere) on the Captain's Table without fear of it (1) just drying up, or (2) more likely spilling over everything. And don't be fooled by this seemingly normal-looking crafty space. Nuh-uh. See that inky grid paper? That's pretty much the available space. Yep. It's bad. Real bad.

Once again you have been saved from a barrage of photos of blooming flora and fauna. But this week I hope to get to DC one day at lunch time to take pics of the blooming cherry trees. OMG, they are reason enough to live here! Let us pray for no wind, no rain and no frost between now and next weekend, which is the projected peak date for the blossoms. *fingers crossed*

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  1. purty! love the pinks & olive... esp. with black.

  2. ok, but see...3 days for not only making the gorgeous card... (AND IT IS!!! ♥) ...but developing the project for the campers AND troubleshooting the things that won't work en masse IN ADVANCE. heck. sometimes i take 3 days just to make the card. dude, you're up on the deal!!! :) (did i mention it's a ♥GORGEOUS♥ card??! just checkin///)

  3. Dear Hanna,

    Were you in 1994 in Tenerife? You were one of my class mates!


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