Thursday, July 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mariam!

Today I wish a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear friend Mariam from Hamburg, Germany! Hi, Mariam! *waves wildly*

And because I am card MAKER, not a card SENDER, I present the card I made just now! As in "the glue is still wet." :)

This whole card was one huge "let's try this", and it was a lot of fun to make! I started with the owl, which was cut from a piece of paper I got at The Paper Source the other day. Everything else was added a bit at a time, with no real planning. The colors are Melon Mambo, Pacific Point and Daffodil Delight.

For the inside, I had this idea for a pop-up thingie, which I have done once, maybe. So I decided to put in a flap that she'd pick up to reveal the pop-up thingie:

(Thank goodness I hoarded Pacific Point paper!) I opened and used my new Die-namics clouds die with a piece of white felt. They are wonderful and so easy to use. This is like the third iteration of the flap. Like I said, I had no plan ...

Then shield your eyes, but here is the pop-up: a pink cake! -->

It is very crooked because I measured a bit off (!) and the stem of the cake plate bent. ;( BUT, I made it a 2-layer cake with pink flowers and BLING!

Here is a side view:

So Mariam -- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GIRL! I hope you have a fun time "at the sea". Heh, that sounds so European!

Oh, and look who helped me take the pics:

One parting thought: when I think about "you say it's your birthday", I break into song. THIS song:

So have a good one! You deserve it! xo


  1. loves it! Nice & bright, just like Mariam :D

  2. I love the cake card. I really like the girlie-girl combination of pink, flowers and bunnies! That would totally be my birthday card if I picked one out for myself! :)

  3. Aw..... Leslie.... I hardly know what to say. The card is SO pretty!!! I just LOVE the pink pop-up cake (as you knew I would!!), and the cute little owl looks just like a Patti-painting!
    I'm over-awed at getting my own birthday post!!!
    It's an honor to be your friend. :)
    Thank you so much.

  4. Aw!! How lovely. Happy Birthday from me too. What a fabulous card and even Kitty joined in with the celebration, so cute.

  5. The card is great - but man, I love that song! I'm with you, Leslie - it always comes to my mind too. Thanks for posting it!!

    And happy birthday to Mariam!

  6. Cute cute cute!! And wow a lot of work - it is clear that you care a lot about Mariam! ;-)

  7. Nice festive card, Leslie!


    WV: zum "drousni!"


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