Saturday, July 31, 2010

Market Update

It was a glorious day in the neighborhood and an excellent market day!

It was a bit warmer than we'd anticipated. We were all so spoiled from yesterday being so PERFECT! But there was a nice breeze and if you stayed out of the sun, it was pretty comfortable.

As soon as I'd unloaded my car, parked it, and returned to set up, Farmer Mike and our resident photographer were waiting for me. This could in no way be good. They presented me with this:

... and asked me what I thought. They were snickering (BOYS!) and I said it was a mutant eggplant with a long nose. They snickered louder. (Or is that sniggered?) Then I distinctly heard a giggle from one, or both, of them. They just nodded, said, "okaaaaaaaayyyyyyy" and left me to myself. You have no idea the suffering I do for my art. No idea.

Lets look at some produce. We'll begin with my usual mater shot:

This week the Lopes were in front of the maters. By the end of the day, these were all gone.

Next up - more lopes and some watermelons:

Sweet peppers:
So colorful! And more peppers:

Taters and maters:


OMG, the basil. We smelled this all day long. Soooo good.

HOT peppers:

Don't they just LOOK like they're mean? At the end of the day, someone was filling a bag with handfuls of these. Seriously.


... and corn:
... and the biggest beets I've ever seen:

More maters:

... and pretty cut flowers:

The floral tent had a whole bucket of the Lisianthus (Lizzies, for short):

... and a few sunflowers:

There's something about the pattern of the seeds that I find mesmerizing.

The bread table at the bakery:

ALL gone by the end of the day.


Hey, MB! Because you talked me down from my "Okra is blech" ledge, I bought a few pieces of this and I plan to give it the ole college try this week. I got the small ones. I was listening.

Card sales were about average. I have some cards in my Birthday section with empty space to put numbers of choice. I like to give people the option of picking their own year, plus I feel so helpless when someone says, "Oh, you don't have 50." So I have bags of numbers made, and I just add whatever year they want. Bet you won't find a Happy 53! at Hallmark, huh? ;-)

A few weeks ago I sold one with 100 on it. ONE HUNDRED! Today, I sold another one. I DID! But she selected one of my other Birthday cards and we just added the numbers to it:

(Oh, look: it's crooked.) But isn't that cool?!?! Then we discussed what to get someone who is 100 and says, "No gifts." We'll talk about anything, we will!

Here is my "make me something nice" flower arrangement this week:

I LOVE the colors! Especially this one:

Yellow, orange and red - all on the same flower! Next week, if I remember, I'll ask what it is.

This one also intrigued me:

The leaves AND the flowers are green! So pretty!

This dragonfly was hanging out with us, and he took a short rest at one of the other booths, so I gave them my camera to take a pic of him for posterity:

Friendly little fellow!

Now that you have suffered through produce and flowers, are you READY FOR SOME DOGGIES?! Here we go:

One of our regulars, followed by another regular:

... who drank about a quart of water again while his Mom rolled her eyes.

This one sat for me! -->

Awwww, he's got his paw on his Dad's foot.

Now this next guy is interesting:

A Dalmatian and Basset mix. The coloring is all Dalmatian, but look at the short legs and barrel chest!

This guy was being trained to wait and not lunge for the water. Finally, he got to practically lay down in it and drink:

A really handsome dog.

This is a Gordon Setter, a Scottish breed:

Even though he was hot, he wouldn't drink until his "girl friend" joined him. See:


A brief doggie encounter:

Love the long-haired Dachshund!


A 9-mo-old Bull Dog. So tiny! I like this size! Too bad she wouldn't face me. This is the best I could do:

And then Azha showed up:

She belongs to one of my friends/SU customers. Such a sweet Shar Pei.

Okay, that's it for the dogs. I figure I got about half of them today. People already think I'm wacko, so I didn't want to push it.

Tonight I'm going to take those clouds I've been talking about and put them on a card. I'll show you the result tomorrow. I promise.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Where to start! I love the Damlation one!!! I always look forward to your pics from the Farmer's Market! Hope you enjoy the Okra, and I have a recipe for Hopkin's County Stew that's really good in the winter!!!


  2. That eggplant? CLEARLY a nose! Look at the green hat it is wearing. Can't think what the boys meant it was. ;)

    And i want the white bulldog baby, please.

  3. What a great bunch of dogs!! Oh yeah - nice produce too. Glad you had a good day.

  4. The produce and flowers are so pretty! The one with the green flowers is interesting. Now I won't feel silly putting green flowers on cards since there actually are green flowers. IMO, that eggplant has a NOSE - why do guys always have to do that, turn a poor innocent eggplant into something "else"? MEN! Love the puppy dogs, too.

  5. So....tell me...
    ...did you buy the Eggplant?



  6. I am also curious as to whether you bought the eggplant hehe. Always look forward to your market posts; such cute puppy dogs! Lovely commentary too :D

  7. Remember to cook the okra whole, just till it greens up and then have with soysauce infused with fresh garlic (dip or drizzle)..... Yummy!
    ps.. how's the heel?


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