Saturday, July 24, 2010

Market Update

Today was an interesting market day. Yes, it was over 100 degrees, and yes, I went. Actually, only a few of the crafters didn't come. We are hard-core, I tell you.

I was prepared, with an iced coffee and a cooler full of frozen towels. I had my first towel out by 11, and I was wet and happy. We actually had a fairly stiff breeze going, like tent-weight-testing breeze, so it was tolerable. Next week I think I'll cut apart my towels and make smaller strips. They will last me longer that way, and I can tie one around my head and one around my neck. I'll be stylin'!

The market is in full swing with the colors of summer. I'm telling you: your local farmers market is a shopping paradise. I don't care what the prices are, or how they compare to the grocery ... this stuff was picked yesterday! OMG, so good!

Let us begin.

I started with Farmer Katie today, just to change things up a bit. Their farm is in PA, a little over an hour North of here. Just look at all this goodness:

... and the maters:

... and the fruit:

OMG, I got a box of those peaches. SO juicy!

These are Katie's cut flowers:

Moving on to Farmer Mike's produce... here are the maters:

... and the other side of the tent:

... Poblanos:

... green (and other color) bell peppers:

... okra (blech):

... greens and taters:

... and more blueberries:

Farmer Margie had some awesome fruit, too:

Oh, and Mike's basil:

Mike also had some H O T peppers:

If he says these are hot, then they are H O T! I did not buy any, though he said he did sell one or two boxes of them.

A typical (small person) customer at the bakery:

The floral tent peeps had these "not roses" again:

These are Lisianthus. I know that because this week she had a sign and she pointed to it, pronouncing it very s l o w l y for me, and I emailed it to myself so I wouldn't forget again.

Here's a few more colors:

... and this is the vase they made up for me:


On to the doggie parade. Being as it was so H O T, most dog owners were either out before I got there, or didn't bring their dogs with them. We only had a few visitors.

My favorite dog of all time:

He spotted the water bowl and drank ... and drank ... and drank ... his walker tried to pull him away, and he drank ... she said it was embarrassing - for HER! Then the dog drank some more. She said he'd been out of the air conditioning for all of 5 minutes, and was just being dramatic. HA!

Here is a gorgeous collie:

... and another walker trying to get her panting pup to drink:

... not happening. About half the dogs that came through refused to drink! Seriously! One or two of the owners said their dogs were picky about which bowls they'd drink out of, even at home. Worse than a finicky kid, I tell you!

Another hot beast:

... and another gorgeous collie:

That's all for the doggies.

I came home, washed off the hot, and am about ready for a nap. Man, that heat saps the life out of me. I think I'll upload some cards to my etsy store then go to bed early. Yeah, sounds like a plan.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I actually look forward to your market posts. I love seeing all of the fresh veggies, the gorgeous flowers and the sweet puppy dogs. You are definitely hard core - as hot as it was here today I would have wimped out and stayed home in the A/C!

  2. I really really love your farmer's market. Here, they only allow a "gift shop" and they sell purses that they bought online. No one there sells any type of crafts, and it's just not pretty like that. We're trying to get another building so that we can start a different farmers market...LOL. I always love your pics and the doggie parade!


  3. Your market photos are gorgeous! Especially all the beautiful veggies and fruits. Great photography!


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