Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Open Letter of Thanks

As some of you know, much of the DC area has been without power since Sunday afternoon when a small but powerful storm blew through the area. At one point, over 260,000 homes were without power.

Pepco, the power company that services most of my county, has been working around the clock to restore power, but many are still without. I think this morning's estimate was 37,000. Fortunately, my own power was restored some time on Monday.

Pepco has enlisted the help of power companies from other states, and they convened yesterday at the local fairgrounds to lay out a plan. This was so heartwarming. Really!

As I was driving to work today in the misnomer "rush"-hour traffic, I passed a caravan of vehicles from Toledo Edison and my heart actually skipped a beat. Here were a bunch of guys from Ohio, suffering DC traffic, to turn on our lights. I tried to give them a thumbs-up, but the Miata is so low to the ground, I was looking at the lug nuts in their tires and they couldn't see me. But I tried!

So Pepco, THANK YOU! And to all the guys who drove in to help, thank YOU, too. We really do appreciate it!


  1. This is a very sweet post.
    Sometimes I feel bad for Pepco.
    They get so much "heat" for not having power restored quickly. I often wonder if the people who are doing all the bitching realize how complex the grids around this area are.
    I echo your thanks to ALL the outside help here.

  2. On behalf of Pepco, thank you for your kind words. We appreciate our customers patience while we work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. Our job is not done until all customers are restored.

    If you ever need anything in regards to your account with Pepco, feel free to reach out to me @PepcoConnect on Twitter.

    Andre (Pepco Social Media Representative)

  3. wow that's touching! It's so great to hear that there are still companies out there who care about their customers :)


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