Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh, Look! Pretty Papers!

When I went to The Paper Source yesterday just to get envelopes, I told myself "no pretty paper" ...... "you don't need any more pretty paper" ....... "Nope, I don't see all that pretty paper" ..... "EEEEK! Look at all that pretty paper!" I am weak. We've established this long ago.

To attempt to justify my purchase, I cut into each and every one of the 5 parent sheets tonight and made cards. Let us begin the tour.

First, I SEE POPPY! This one literally jumped right off the rack and into my waiting arms:

It is GOR-JUS in real life, and you could see that yourselves if I could take a decent photo. This has glittery gold shimmery stuff in it. Pretty!

This is "OMG, more POPPY":

Same deal with the bad photography and shimmery gold stuff.


... but when I started to play with it tonight, I realized it was more pink than poppy, and it has no gold running through it (like you could tell, anyway), and it has cute little bunnies, too! So I used some Daffodil Delight taffeta ribbon to play up the yellow and I still layered it on poppy to pull out the darker lines in the pattern.

Okay, that's the 3 poppy papers I got. I measured the parent sheets, partly for grins, and partly to see what this card cost me to make, and they are 20" x 25". That's 500 square inches of pretty paper x 3 sheets (that you've seen so far). At 20 sq inches per card front (assuming a 4x5 piece, which these are), that's 25 cards per parent sheet. Can you say "SABLE"? And you thought there was no math in card making. HA! Wrong.

The next piece of pretty paper I thought would match the new Grape In Color, but I was mistaken. Lookie:

Even though the pic is horrible, you can see the purple card stock does NOT match the purple in the pretty paper (but you CAN see the gold designs on this piece.) Sigh. I put the Grape card stock back in its place and thought, "A-HA! Marina Mist!" And I was correct. See? -->

Yay! And a card was born:

I tied Marina Mist ribbon (LOVE that matchy-matchy!) around the seam of the papers because it kinda frayed a little bit. I also decided to leave this one sentiment-less. Oh, and this is Yuzen paper. To quote June, I'm usin' some Yuzen!

Hmmm ... I think that purple might match Perfect Plum ... I'll try that tomorrow night.

That's four papers. The fifth sheet is technically wrapping paper (and less than half the price of the other papers, I might add) and is still a work-in-progress.

That's all the craftiness I can muster this evening. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Your cards are absolutely beautiful! You scored big time with those lovely papers!

  2. Oh! My!! those papers are to die for. I really must stop just taking my paper out of it's box, stroking it and putting it back. Paper is to be used. Just as you have here with such seriously clever co-ordination.

  3. Kimberley Martini YoungJuly 16, 2010 at 8:04 AM

    I love the new paper that you got especially the one with the big flowers on it. The colors on it are the best.


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