Friday, July 9, 2010

Ribbon Shares

*Updated July 19, 2011*

No, this is still NOT a Stampin' Up! business blog, and you won't see links to catalogs, or me pushing specials or promotions, or anything like that. HOWEVER, several people have asked me about the Ribbon Shares I offer my Stampin' Up! customers, so I'm also offering them to my loyal readers. You know, just in case you have a case for RRRRRRRRRIBBON like I do. I'm just trying to help.

So here we go -

I've started new Ribbon Shares for the new catalog. For those not sure of how a ribbon share works, please read this (the blah blah blah):

SU ribbon is sold in spools of 10 yards or 15 yards, depending on the ribbon type. No one wants 15 yards of 13 different colors (except me!), but you could probably deal with 2 or 3 yards of each color. When multiple people go in together to buy ALL THE COLORS OF ONE TYPE OF RIBBON, you will each get a share of that purchase.

For each type of ribbon that is offered in multiple colors, I figure out the cost of all the colors + S&H + tax and divide by 5. That is the cost of one share of that type of ribbon.

Each person signs up for one or more shares. Once we get 5 names on one of the share lists, I place the order for all the ribbon with the next workshop order.

I don't collect any money until I have all 5 names. Then I'll email the people for that share and let you know what you owe me.

When the ribbon arrives with the order, I divide the ribbon up for you. It is usually not ready for pick-up when the rest of the order is, since I need a little extra time to measure and cut and package. But it will be ready by the next workshop.

I have re-worked all the ribbon shares from last year. The only one that carries over intact is the 2010-2011 In Color Ribbons, and if you signed up for that one, you are still signed up. All the other ones had to be re-done because of the ribbon colors that retired.

Here are the ribbon shares for 2011-2012:

1. New In Color 3/8" Ruffled (5 colors, 2 yds ea) - $12.00 - needs 3 people
2. Previous In Color 1/2" stitched poly (5 colors, 3 yds ea) - $10.50 - needs 1 person
3. 5/8" satin (10 colors, 3 yds ea) - $21.00 - needs 4 people
4. 3/8" taffeta (10 colors, 2 yds ea) - $16.50 - needs 4 people
5. 1/2" scallop dots (10 colors, 2 yds ea) - $19.00 - needs all 5 people
6. 1 1/4" striped grosgrain (11 colors, 2 yds ea) - $26.00 - needs all 5 people
7. 1/8" taffeta (10 colors, 2 yds ea) - $14.00 - needs 4 people
8. 1/4" grosgrain (17 colors, 3 yds ea) - $20.00 - needs 3 people
9. 1/2" seam binding (7 colors, 2 yds ea) - $11.75 - needs all 5 people

The sign-up is via email or when you are here for a workshop. It's in the back of the class sign-up book. If I get my act together in time, I may even staple a ribbon sample next to the shares so you have a clue.

For my remote readers, I'll have to figure out shipping, but we'll get to that later.

There's a link to this post in my right side-bar so it's easier to find updates. If you are interested, just email me (my email is in my left side-bar).

As always, if you have any questions, please just let me know!


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