Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Wednesday

I am full of excuses tonight, and I have nothing new to show you, but since I do guilt really well, I thought I'd do a Random post so you can get an idea of WHY I have nothing new to share tonight.

1. I had an appointment for the phone company to come out yesterday to fix my outside phone jack. It had pretty much deteriorated, 2 of my 4 phone jacks were dead, and the 2 I had left were horribly noisy. I told people to just not call me. The DSL worked, though, so that part was okay.

Appointment window was 4-8, so I left work at 3 to get here before 4. By 5 pm I was taking bets. By 7:30 I was pissed. By 8 pm I was looking up the number to call. When I did call, they're only open until 6. The guy called me at 8:30 to say he was on his way and got here at 8:45. P.M. (Yes, I am YELLING!) I generally go to bed starting at 9.

Long story short: he fixed it, but wasn't done until 10 pm. And I was covered in bug bites and itchy. I had to take an Aveeno bath before I could go to bed. Then I had about 10 pages of a book to read to finish it. Then it was almost midnight.

2. I could not craft while I was waiting, because when I am in the back of the condo I can't hear if someone knocks on the door.

3. Since I couldn't craft, I took the opportunity to catch up on my Google Reader backlog and also to email the coffee shop that carries my cards to see if we could coordinate my signage change for my price increase. We agreed on 7 am this morning, when they opened. This decision was made early in the evening.

4. Do the math: up till midnight, then get up early to arrive at the coffee shop by 7 am. Yawn.

5. I had my every-two-week massaaaaaage after work today. I am pretty much worthless right now.

6. I got a package in the mail and forgot to open it. When I did, I saw it contained my recently-ordered Copic refills:

Perfect. SABLE Copic ink to go with my SABLE everything else. But I do use these colors to outline all my stuff, and especially with the City Cards, I go through a lot of ink.

7. One of my customers/coworkers/former friends sent me a WE ARE HAVING A SALE email for a site to which I've never been. I saw they have Nesties, and it was good. I sent her a "YOU ARE NO LONGER MY FRIEND I HATE YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH" reply and went shopping. I have 4 sets of Nesties on their way to me. Free shipping if you spend enough, so I did.

If any of you EVER does this to me, I will de-friend you, too. Just sayin'.

8. When I first started to play with the lady-in-a-towel images the other night, I had a hair-brained idea to cover the towel in Flower Soft. WHITE Flower Soft. Please remember: I lack the Flower Soft gene. Just look at this:

I don't know what I was thinking. Apparently I wasn't.

9. Every Wednesday night I participate in a Twitter Chat session where we discuss topics relating to doing arts & crafts shows. We pick a subject and share our experiences, sources, ideas, and just general banter about the world of craft shows. I have learned a lot, and it's great to know there are other people out there doing what I do.

We are all at different points in our crafty selves. Some are part-time crafters and have Day Jobs, like me. Some are full-time crafters and do higher-end shows. And everything in between.

If you'd like to join us, you do need to join Twitter, but our Wednesday event is just like a chat room. You never have to use Twitter for anything else.

If you'd like to see what we talk about, to go and search for fairchat.

10. What is it with cats and boxes? -->

Oh, look, it's past my bed time. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. hhmmmmmm I might have to purchase that Owl punch.
    ( I know yesterday's post. But totally random, so I thought it could go here just as well )
    Thanks for the nice things you said about my painting.

    BR # 2

  2. I LOVE THE TOWEL it love it love it

  3. That makes me tired just reading it! Why is it so hard for repair people to keep appointments?? I'm afraid I have to agree with you on the towel card but I probably would have tried the same thing. It sounds like a good idea since towels are a little fuzzy, maybe some flock would be better?

  4. OMGosh! I LOVE the flower soft towel texture!!! It's great.

  5. Thanks for mentioning the Twitter chat - what time do you guys get started? I'm going to try to join you. I'm putting it on my calendar now.

    Great idea. Thanks Leslie!

    (I love the towel, btw.)


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