Friday, August 20, 2010

A Few More Quick Note Cards

I think we established long ago that I am a master of Creative Avoidance. Tonight I bring you further evidence that this is the truth.

The other day I mentioned someone stopped by my table at last week's market and suggested the Celtic Cross cards. Well, she also spotted my pink ribbon cards and said I needed to make some in teal, too.

I'm not sure you know this, but there are roughly 3,975,637,349 different organizations and causes that each have a color ribbon. It would be humanly impossible for one person (that would be me) to have all of them on hand at any given moment. In fact, the pink ones I do have on hand are several years old (all the red AIDS ones sold). With my known storage challenges, well, having any more is just not going to happen.

So anyway, she said teal is for ovarian cancer, and that September is Ovarian Cancer Month. She strongly hinted I might like to have some on hand this week, and we ALL know I ALWAYS do as I'm told (so NOT!) so I made these:

Yes, that is really teal. My photographer just had another bad day and failed to capture the true color once again.

Since I was on an avoidance roll, and since I almost never put anything away, my Friends Never Fade set was on top of the pile, so I grabbed one of the stamps and made some of these:

They scratched the itch I have for using this new purple - Concord Crush. I was not whelmed by it, so next I used two colors:

... with the Pear Pizazz and Concord Crush markers. Better ... I like it better.

So what was I avoiding? This:

I am cursed with a best-seller, and I keep having to make more of them. I'm supposed to have these finished for tomorrow. Uh-huh, yeah.

In other news, I gave away some old back-packs and canvas bags this week. I had a whole heap of them, and I never use them any more, and we ALL know I need to reclaim space wherever possible. SO, when you give something away, you need to make sure nothing personal is left behind, so I went through the back-pack's pockets. By looking at the contents, it is painfully apparent I haven't flown in almost 9 years:

Hmm ... what have we here? Two dead Texas Instrument calculators; matches; 385 pens; a pack of cards; a pocket knife (in that black & red box); a sewing kit; a Mary Kay (!) comb and mirror, some tissues; an empty Tupperware container.

Good heavens. Can you tell I used to be a Girl Scout? Well, once you take away the sewing kit, the pocket knife (with bottle opener, cork screw, nail file, scissors, oh - and knife) and the matches, I'm not able to be so prepared any more. Most of this stuff is trash now, but it was a nice trip down memory lane.

Sigh, I guess I must go finish those City cards for tomorrow. They might even sell. ;)

Thanks for stopping by!

PS: The only word flagged by the spell-checker was "hmm". YES!

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  1. I love those city cards. Poor baby, stuck with a good-seller. Boo-hoo.

    Are those your price tags I see in the photo, upper left? Ya know, you can print those from your computer, if you'd like. I originally set mine up in Excel but now with all the Avery templates available, it's even easier. I "save as" for each price. Saves a lot of time. Just a thought.

    Yeah, pretty sure you can't take a pocket knife (with or without bottle opener, cork screw, nail file, scissors) on a plane anymore. And what kind of Girl Scout were YOU - that you needed a cork screw?? A "fun Scout"!


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